20 Min Intermediate Rowing Machine Drills

20 Min Intermediate Rowing Machine Drills



Join our newest Sunny Trainer, Sofee, for this 20-minute intermediate rowing drills workout! Practice your form and increase power and cardiovascular strength with this fast-paced interval workout to take your at-home rowing routine to the next level.

Select a resistance that is challenging for you, and you're able to maintain for longer intervals of time (30-60 seconds) while maintaining good form. Start light, and if you feel you can handle it add more. Remember how much resistance you used, so next time you can challenge yourself to add more.

Workout Details

Pick Drill & Steady State Rowing

Power Strokes – 5 & 10-seconds
Intervals – 30 seconds, increasing in speed and intensity
Intervals – 60 seconds, increasing intensity only
Tabata Intervals – 20 seconds on 20 seconds off

Reverse Pick Drill


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  • Larry George

    Looks like a great workout. What resistance do you set the rower at?