29 Days of Fitness Challenge

Busy family schedules, hectic work, or holiday plans can keep you from achieving your fitness goals.

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29 Days of Fitness Challenge

Busy family schedules, hectic work, or holiday plans can keep you from achieving your fitness goals. But with this 29 Days of Fitness Challenge you can forget about excuses! This fitness challenge includes a mini fitness challenge each day that will help you get one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.

With this fitness challenge there’s no need to be super fit, or even have a gym membership. In just a few minutes a day, you have the power to take control of your health and do something positive for your body.

Throughout this fitness challenge, you will slowly reintroduce your body to movement and activation. Each week of the fitness challenge has been designed with a specific purpose in mind - Flexibility, Activity, Bodyweight Strength, and HIIT Training. Each week will prepare you for the next, as each week gets progressively harder.

Aside from moving and working your body, we hope this challenge will give you more ideas of ways you can be active regularly, even after the fitness challenge is over. While this challenge is just 29 days, the ultimate goal of this fitness challenge is to help you consider and develop healthy lifestyle changes you can make long term.


Day One

February 1st
Prep – Get Organized. Prepare for what’s ahead by scheduling it on your calendar!


Week One - Flexibility

The first week of the fitness challenge is flexibility based, each day gentle stretches are included. Stretching is incredibly good for your body. If you’re someone who participates in a regular fitness routine, or even someone who sits at a desk or does repetitive motions at work each day, stretching can provide relief and comfort to tight muscles.

With stretching, a little goes a long way - you’ll be amazed at how good your body feels! You don’t need the fitness challenge to make stretching a regular practice. Keep it up as you go through this fitness challenge and beyond, your body will thank you!

Sunday 10 reps of 10 second prone back extension stretches
Monday Sunday+ 3x 30 second standing hamstring stretch
Tuesday Sunday, Monday+ 3x 30 kneeling hip flexor stretch (each leg)
Wednesday Sun. Mon. Tues.+ 3x 30 seconds Lying Glute Stretch (each leg)
Thursday Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. + 3 x 30 seconds one arm overhead lat and oblique stretch (each side)
Friday Sun.-Thur. + 3x 30 seconds supine low back rotation stretch (each leg)
Saturday Sun-Fri.+ 3x 10 reps T-Spine Rotations (each side)


Week Two - Activity

Week two of the fitness challenge is all about increasing general activity levels. While it may sound simple, simply increasing your activity throughout the day will help burn calories and keep your activity levels at an optimal level.

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring or even feel like a workout, biking into town, going for a walk after dinner, or playing games in the park with your kids all count. While cleaning may not nearly be as exciting as a bike ride into town, household chores like cleaning and gardening also increase your overall activity levels. We hope this week of the fitness challenge will get you thinking about ways you can incorporate more activity into your lifestyle.

Sunday Clean your house from top to bottom!
Monday Complete 10,000 steps
Tuesday Go on an evening walk after dinner
Wednesday Walk in place, complete bodyweight exercises or yoga as you watch your favorite TV shows
Thursday Climb 20 flights of stairs Have a dance party in your living room
Friday Have a dance party in your living room
Saturday Ride your bike to the grocery store or into town


Week Three - Bodyweight Strength

Week three of the fitness challenge and we’re finally getting to the good stuff! This week you can expect actual workouts. Each workout is short but should challenge your physical strength effectively. It’s incredible the workout you can achieve with just your body, no equipment necessary!

These exercises in this week of the fitness challenge have been chosen with beginners in mind, but if you have any physical limitations, or need to modify anything definitely feel free to do so.


Core Focus

10x Bicycles
10x Reverse Crunch
10x Mountain Climbers
10x Flutter Kicks


    Lower Focus

    10x Static Lunge
    10x Sumo Squats
    10x Glute Bridge
    10x Curtsy Lunge 

      Upper Focus

      10x Knee Pushups
      10x Bench Dips
      10x Commandos
      10x Shoulder Taps 

        Lower & Core

        10x Plank
        10x Toe Touches
        10x Squats
        10x Back Lunges

          Upper Focus

          10x Knee Pushups
          10x Shoulder Taps
          10x Body Saw
          10x Incline Pushups

            Lower Focus

            10x Walking Lunges
            10x Sumo Squats
            10x Calf Raises
            10x Step Ups

              Core & Upper

              10x Hip Dips
              10x Mountain Climbers
              10x Commandos
              10x Bench Dips


                Week Four - HIIT Training

                Finally, we wrap up our 29 days of fitness challenge with a full week of HIIT training. HIIT is high intensity interval training designed to burn a high number of calories and increase your fitness capacity. This week of the fitness challenge has been programmed to work different muscle groups on different days, so that your body is always well rested and prepared for the next workout. Each session will be quick but extremely effective.

                Sunday 30 sec. Jumping Jacks
                30 sec. Body Weight Squats
                30 sec. Plank
                30 sec. rest
                (Complete 5 Round)
                  Monday Cardio Machine
                  1 min Max effort
                  2 min recovery
                  (Complete 5 rounds)
                  *Use a exercise bike, treadmill, rower, stepper, elliptical, ext.
                    Tuesday 30 sec. burpees
                    30 sec. rest
                    (Complete 5 rounds)
                    30 sec. Mountain Climbers
                    30 sec. rest
                    (Complete 5 rounds)

                      Double Tabata Machine Workout

                      20 sec. Max Effort
                      10 seconds recovery
                      (Complete 16 rounds)
                        Thursday 10 sec. Frog Jumps
                        10 sec. Split Jumps
                        10 sec. Lateral Hops
                        10 seconds Air Jumps Rope
                        20 seconds rest
                        (Complete 8 rounds)
                          Friday 30 sec. Half Burpee
                          30 sec. Plank w/ side steps
                          30 sec. Push Ups
                          30 seconds Rest
                          (Complete 5 Rounds)
                            Saturday 30 second Sprint
                            60 second recovery
                            (Complete 10 Rounds)


                              Ready to get started? The first day of this challenge has been scheduled so you can take some time to plan out your month. Grab a calendar and jot down when you’ll do your workouts. Figure out how to make it happen. Once it’s on the calendar make a pact to stick to the challenge, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!

                              We hope you enjoy this 29 Days of Fitness Challenge, and that it sparks excitement for healthier living, as well as provides you with the tools you need to kickstart your fitness journey.


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