6 Quick Workouts for Working or Studying at Home

6 Quick Workouts for Working or Studying at Home

We all know exercise is important, but when you’re overloaded with work, or are deep in the trenches studying for a test, it can be hard to pull yourself away for a workout. However, taking a short break for a 5 to 10-minute quick workout can be a great way to mentally and physically reset, and stay on track with your fitness routine. Take a break from your desk, and refresh with these fun quick workouts designed for working and studying at home!

In the workouts below, all you need is your body weight, 5-10 minutes, and a little energy. We have everything from fast-paced HIIT sessions, to gentle stretching so whatever your needs are today, pick the workout that’s best for you and just press play!

1. Study Break Workout - 5 Minutes

This routine is filled with light cardio, bodyweight exercises, and dynamic stretches to wake your body up and prepare it for your next bout of studying. This routine may be short but do it enough times throughout the day and the calories will add up!

2. Posture Class - 5 Minutes

If you struggle to maintain good posture throughout the day - you’re not alone. This 5-minute posture class is all you need for strengthening your postural muscles, as well as giving tight and tender muscles relief. Good posture, here we come!

3. Mobility Routine - 5 Minutes

If you’re looking for some light, gentle movement, this quick 5-minute mobility series will do just the trick. This 5-minute session includes light movements to warm up your body, and dynamic stretches to increase your range of motion and stretch out the little tweaks and snags.

4. No Equipment Full Body HIIT - 5 Minutes

Feeling antsy? Get all of that energy out with this fast-paced 5-Minute HIIT routine! It includes a variety of low impact exercises to target your entire body and get you working up a sweat in no time at all. If you have extra time, feel free to repeat this 2-3 times to ramp up that calorie burn and get an even better workout!

5. Study Break Workout - 10 Minutes

In a study slump? Get up and get moving with this 10-minute feel-good study break workout. This workout is upbeat and fun, designed to get your heart pumping with light movement and stretch out those tight muscles, so you can head back to your desk refreshed and ready to focus.

6. Office Break Exercises - 10 Minutes

Take a break from your desk and refresh your body and mind with this snappy 10-Minute Work Break Workout routine. This workout is filled with feel-good moves to help you wake up, relax, and head back to your work feeling rejuvenated. Give it a try and be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments!

If you enjoyed these workouts be sure to check out the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel which has a variety of workouts from cardio to strength training, bodyweight to flexibility! We’re always adding more workouts, so be sure to subscribe and let us know in the comments if you have any specific workout requests.

Quick Workouts for Working or Studying at Home Infographics
Quick Workouts for Working or Studying at Home Infographics

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