How to Achieve an Effective Workout with Household Items

How to Achieve an Effective Workout with Household Items

Working out from home can be fun, plus it takes many excuses out of the equation - such as driving to the gym, childcare, or even paying for a gym membership! With a well-outfitted home gym, you’ll be best prepared to take your home workouts above and beyond. If you don’t have any equipment, it can make working out from home a challenge, but not impossible! It simply requires a bit more creativity.

I have a few creative ideas below of workouts you can do at home with a few common household items!

Laundry Soap Workout

Have you ever noticed laundry soap is conveniently shaped like a kettlebell? The handle makes laundry soap easy to grip, and a fantastic replacement for a kettlebell. Replace your favorite kettlebell movements with laundry soap, the fuller the container the heavier the weight! Check out a few exercises you could do below!

RDL Pulse

Single Leg RDL

Sumo Squats

Glute Bridge

Wine Workout

Since the quarantine, alcohol sales have skyrocketed! Which leads me to think that most of you probably have a few bottles around to spare. Wine bottles make for a fun replacement for dumbbells, and well if you happen to get thirsty during your workout, hydration is conveniently at your fingertips.

Bent Over Rows


Lateral & Front Raises



Shoulder Press

On that note, our latest podcast episode was all about alcohol in its relation to fitness performance, and I have to say even I learned some new research that was eye opening to me and my drinking habits! It’s a good one to give a listen to.

All in all, my friends, I hope this article was helpful to you. If you don’t have any of these items, I hope in the least this article has given you a few ideas of what you might do with other household items you do have lying around. Perhaps, a laundry basket filled with old textbooks, canned goods from your cupboard, or a jug of water could be great additions to a strength training workout. Whatever you find at home, just be sure to be mindful of your exercise form!

How to Achieve an Effective Workout with Household Items Infographic
How to Achieve an Effective Workout with Household Items Infographic

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