New Year New You 2022: Stay Hydrated Tips

Proper hydration is something we all can benefit from.

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New Year New You 2022: Stay Hydrated Tips

Sunny fam, welcome back! This week marks week two of the New Year New You 2022 Fitness Challenge. If you joined us for week one of the challenge, I’m sending you a huge virtual high five for all you accomplished last week!

If you’re just joining us, feel free to hop right in with us this week - we’re focusing on one of my favorite topics: hydration.

Proper hydration is something we all can benefit from. Whether you’re physically active or not, your body needs water to function optimally and keep you feeling tip-top.

Below, you’ll learn more about why hydration is important, as well as tips and hacks for staying hydrated. Most importantly, I’ll be challenging you to be intentional with your hydration goals this week.

Without further ado, if you’re ready to approach 2022 feeling healthy and hydrated, it all starts here!


New Year New You 2022, Week Two: Hydration

Hydration is something you probably know you need to do, but often daily activities, stress, and convenience get in the way of taking care of yourself. If you’re anything like me, hydration can fall off the wayside if you’re not prepared.

Staying hydrated is an element of health that with just a little bit of practice, intentionality, and preparation you can easily implement into your daily routine. So, let’s do a deep dive into this incredibly important topic.


Why is Hydration Important?

Hydration is major. Water is such a big part of how our bodies function daily. When you get into the details of how water works its way through your body, and what it does for us physically, it’ll make you think twice about skipping out on meeting your water intake for the day. Sam's talk touches on what happens to your water once you gulp it down:

“Our blood is made up predominantly of water, so it makes sense we need to consume enough for our body to work efficiently. When it does, we can get proper oxygen and nutrients to our muscles to our brain, to all our organs, to lubricate our joints to help us move better, it’s associated with healthier body weights, and finally, it can help regulate our blood pressure and blood sugar.” SAM CANDLER
"So, what happens when you’re dehydrated? Just like there are so many benefits of keeping your body hydrated, there are just as many downsides to not properly hydrating. James talks about some of the major points of what even minor dehydration can do to your body: “Hydration plays so many critical roles in our life. Even if we’re as little as 1-3% dehydrated it can affect our mood, our ability to think, and it can also impact our workout performance negatively. So, it’s important to stay hydrated to not only dominate your workout but to dominate your workday and your home life so you can be the best version of yourself." JAMES KING III

Feeling passionate about fueling your body with what it needs? There are many more benefits to staying hydrated, keep reading for just a few of the major benefits you may experience when you start drinking enough water.


What Are the Benefits of Hydration?

What are the benefits of staying hydrated? While the list goes on and on, below you’ll find a few of the most popular benefits of drinking plenty of water.

  1. Improves Brain Performance
  2. Regulates Digestion
  3. Boosts Energy
  4. Helps with Weight Loss & Management
  5. Improves Joint Health
  6. Boosts Exercise Performance
  7. Maintains Blood Pressure & Sugar
  8. Improves Heart Health
  9. Promotes Glowing Skin
  10. Regulates Body Temperature
  11. Improves Circulation
  12. Reduces Headaches

The benefits of hydration can also be so personal. As you begin to drink more water, you may notice some benefits more than others. Hear from some of your favorite trainers on some of their favorite benefits of keeping themselves hydrated.

“When I’m not hydrated, I get cranky, and my cravings are wild. [Hydration] keeps me sane, it keeps me focused, and it keeps me on my nutrition plan.” JAMES KING III
“Hydration is important to me because I work out for a living, so I’m sweating a lot and I need to replenish that loss.” DANA SIMONELLI
“Water is important to me because I want to look young forever.” TINA KIM WESTERHOLM
“Hydration is super important to me because it helps with glowy skin, your sleep, your digestion. It's just all-around so good for us.” DOMINIQUE WANINGER

Well, if that’s not enough for you, start hydrating yourself, and let us know your favorite side effects of staying refreshed!


How Much Do I Need to Drink to Stay Hydrated?

You probably have heard that 8 cups (or 64oz) are optimal for hydration. And while that’s a great place to start, it’s important to remember because we are different heights, weights, etc. and we are all active on different levels, our hydration needs may vary.

If you’re interested in hydrating in a way more specific to your body, James gives a good recommendation.

“If you’re really getting after it, chasing a fitness goal or really physically active, striving for half your body weight in ounces is also a good water goal to help you perform your best and feel your best.” JAMES KING III

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, definitely try out the 8 cups a day and see how you feel. As you continue, I recommend listening to your body and considering how you can personalize your hydration goal over time.


Tips for Staying Hydrated

Getting hydrated is all about making water accessible, enjoyable, and practical. That’s why we’ve created our hydration challenge (more on this below).

Get started working towards regular, proper hydration with your Sunny team. As you work toward those hydration goals, keep these top tips from your Sunny Trainers in mind.

“Eat water-soluble foods - such as cucumber, celery, things like that - on top of drinking your water.” DANA SIMONELLI
“Set up a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Right there, right away you just wake up, drink your water, it already sets you up for the day.” DOMINIQUE WANINGER
“I will either opt for sparkling water or fill a smaller hydration flask with some supplements like BCAA’s or fruits and vegetables just to give it a little flavor.” TINA KIM WESTERHOLM
“I recommend a high-quality electrolyte. Be careful of the amount of sugar involved; but you can get a great tasting, very health positive electrolyte without sugar at all.” SAM CANDLER
“Try having a smaller water bottle and attaching rubber bands to it. Each time you finish a bottle you raise a rubber band up or take a rubber band off, and it will be a nice reminder of where you’re at.” JAMES KING III


Week Two Hydration Challenge

We all know staying hydrated is important for our health - but staying consistent is not always easy. Be intentional. This goal is small and simple but will make a huge impact on your day.

Once you start drinking water, your control will be addicting, and the way you feel will encourage you to keep going.

Use the tips above to help keep you on track, and before you know it, you’ll be staying on track with those hydration recommendations without even thinking about it twice!


Beyond New Year New You: How to Stay Hydrated All Year Long

Just like our movement challenge, this hydration challenge is just a small taste to get you started. The real challenge is sticking with it long-term.

More than anything, I hope this challenge gives you a better idea of how to approach your New Year's goals in a healthy way that works well for you.

Need some pointers for how to stay hydrated all year long? I have some tips to help make your hydration goals more practical in 2022.

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

So, you’re ready to focus on your health and stay hydrated in 2022? Make sure to set yourself up for success - as a wise Sunny Trainer Brittany would say “sips for success”.

Purchase what you need to stay hydrated. If you prefer filtered water, get an option that is readily available for you - whether a water tank or a Brita filter - just do it.

Also, invest in some water bottles you enjoy drinking out of, and keep them stocked so you’re ready to take them on the go. I like to leave one at work, one at the studio, one or two at home so I’m always prepared for any scenario!


2. Pair Habits Together

By stacking a habit, you find unenjoyable with something you’re already doing it makes it easier to stick with it. For example, choosing to get some water in at each meal of the day will help get you closer to those hydration goals.


3. Mix It Up

Try healthy alternatives. As mentioned by your favorite Sunny trainers above, there are so many options these days for changing the flavor or adding some vitamins or nutrients to your water without sacrificing your health.

Consider the simple changes you make to help your water taste different and a bit more exciting if you’re feeling burnt out on regular water.


4. Be Consistent

Consistency is king here. If you’re having a hard time staying consistent at work or throughout your day, set a hydration timer on your phone.

While it may sound silly, that gentle reminder will help you check in with where you’re at for the day. Even if you aren’t near water at the time, it will keep you mindful of getting to that water when you can.

I’ll leave you with some encouragement from your Sunny trainers:

“The more consistent you become with your water intake the more natural it’s going to be to continue drinking.” DOMINIQUE WANINGER
“Hydration is important not only to dominate your workout, but to dominate your workout, but to dominate your workday and your home life so you can be the best you.” JAMES KING III

Sunny team, as we go through this challenge, my goal is for you to enjoy the amazing benefits hydration has for your body, mind, mood, and life; and, most importantly, to find ways to enjoy it and make it work for you along the way!

Let us know how this first week goes in the comments, and don’t forget to share your progress towards your goal by hashtagging #NewYearNewYouNewSunny and tagging us on social media. Let’s do this Sunny family!


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