Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals With Sunny’s New Year's Resolution Series!

These workouts are designed to kickstart your 2024 fitness program and set you up for success.

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Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals With Sunny’s New Year's Resolution Series!

New Year’s resolutions can be controversial. Some people love them, some people find them to be arbitrary and unnecessary. While it’s true that there is nothing magical about January 1 – goals can be set at any time of the year– you may find it helpful to identify some New Year’s resolutions or goals to achieve in 2024. And if you’re gearing up for a fitness-related goal but not quite sure where to start, the Sunny Trainers have your back!

Our New Year’s Resolution series hosted on YouTube consists of 6 workouts, scheduled to be released January 1 through January 6. These workouts are designed to kickstart your 2024 fitness program and set you up for success. You will get instruction from 6 different Sunny Trainers, with a different focus for each workout. It is a well-rounded, comprehensive fitness program designed to fuel your motivation and excitement for a fun workout program!


How a Program Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Moving your body in any way that feels good and brings you joy is always a good thing. But sometimes being more intentional with your exercise is the extra inch you need to achieve your goals. That’s where a program comes in!


Progressive Overload for Better Results

Trainers build workout programs to help you meet your specific goals, gradually progressing exercise intensity, duration, and frequency so you reap the maximal benefit of each session. This is known as progressive overload. While the New Year’s Resolution series is only 6 days in duration, it will get you accustomed to having a scheduled, planned out routine to prepare you for longer programs you might consider in the future.


Scheduled Workouts

This leads to the next benefit of adhering to a workout program. Thorough fitness programs will detail what’s in store for each workout. This eliminates much of the stress and confusion that often accompanies workout decision making on any given day – just check your schedule and go. Taking the guesswork out of your workout routine will remove a major stumbling block when it comes to exercise consistency.

In addition to holding you accountable, this provides consistent ‘me’ time built right in to your calendar. Regardless of your feelings about exercise, love it or hate it, this is time designated all for you. What’s more, you are prioritizing an activity that will boost your strength, mental health, confidence, and all around wellness. That’s an amazing act of self-care!


Expert Guidance

Each workout in your program will be supplemented by trainers’ advice, cueing, and safety considerations. This can be helpful in boosting your confidence with each workout. Over time, you will learn how each exercise should feel in your body, something you can carry with you confidently into other workouts.


Track Your Progress

Most training programs have some degree of repetition, which is a beautiful aspect of the routine. Why? Because you can see your progress and transformation from workout to workout, week to week. Having more measurable metrics that allows you to observe change within your body will keep you motivated to continue pushing.


New Year’s Resolution Series Breakdown

So now that you’re sold on the benefits of a fitness program, here’s what you can expect from Sunny’s New Year’s Resolution Series! All workouts are just 10-minutes in length with no equipment necessary. You can easily squeeze in these exercise sessions whenever you have an opening in your day.


Upper Body Toning with Mandee

Work on building strength and toning your upper body with Mandee! Did you know that strength training is just as important for long-term health and weight management as cardio is? It’s true! So don’t think that a high calorie burn is necessary every exercise session in order to achieve your goals (although it’s good to include those workouts as well!). Building strength actually increases your active tissue (muscles mass), which amps up your metabolism throughout the entire day – not just during your workout.


Low Impact HIIT with Annora

Annora picks up the intensity with a low impact HIIT session. Don’t think low impact means low intensity, though! Be ready for a heart-pumping, sweat-induing 10-minutes. This workout will get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories in a short burst of time.


Lower Body Toning with Wendie

Work on your lower body strength with Wendie in this dynamic workout. Not only is this workout good for building muscle, but it also helps boost your ability to perform functional, every day activities. Having strong legs can translate to being able to easily pick up your laundry from the floor, carry heavy groceries, navigate the stairs in your home, and more. One of the best things about exercise is that it allows you to live your life with more ease and enjoyment.


Zone II Cardio with Claire

While Zone II cardio is a trendy topic in the wellness world lately, it has built up such buzz for good reason. Zone II cardio, where you exercise at 60-75% of your maximum heart rate (or a moderate intensity) has been proven to increase longevity, improve aerobic capacity, and reduce the likelihood of injury. How can you say no to that? This workout with Claire will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized, ready for your workout tomorrow.


Full Body Toning with Shira

Shira combines upper body and lower body strength training with a sprinkle of core training for good measure! For optimal progression, its important to hit strength training 2-3 times a week, so this session rounds out your first week of the year nicely.


Stretch & Recovery with Ashley

Sigh of relief for this stretch and recovery day with Ashley. After all your hard work this week you deserve this relaxing and restful stretch session that will bring length back to your tight muscles. In addition, you will take time to focus on your breath, effectively soothing your mind and nervous system.


What’s Next?

Our New Year’s Resolution Series is a great start for implementing a regular workout program into your routine. Once you complete it, use that momentum to keep going! If you loved that first week, consider repeating the program a few more times until you feel comfortable with the schedule and all the moves in each workout.

From there, if you’re ready for more, check out the SunnyFit® app! The Sunny Sampler Program, a curated 30-day workout program, is our newest and longest workout plan where you can try different trainers’ classes and different training modalities. Discover your favorite type of exercise and move to your heart’s desire!

After that, there are all kinds of programs waiting for you on the SunnyFit® app. Created by our professionally certified trainers, you can find workout programs from dumbbells, to treadmill, to mini-stepper, and more. In the SunnyFit® app you can truly find any workout program to meet your needs, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress! We would love to know how you liked the New Year’s Resolution Series and the Sunny Sampler. Wishing you good health and happiness in 2024!


Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals With Sunny’s New Year's Resolution Series Infographic

Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals With Sunny’s New Year's Resolution Series Infographic


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