Breast Cancer Awareness: How exercise can help

Breast Cancer Awareness: How exercise can help

Researchers have found supporting evidence that suggests you can significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer by increasing your physical activity. While it may not be the easiest thing to accomplish, exercise has been strongly correlated with aiding the recovery process in individuals before and after cancer treatments.

No particular exercise is better than another when it comes to mitigating the effects of cancer. Physicians and researchers recommend that the best thing you can do is find an activity or exercise you enjoy and can participate in frequently. In general, exercise is considered safe for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, but it is still important to consult with your primary physicians before starting or modifying a physical routine.

Fight to Be Active

One study supports that those who’ve participated in four hours a week of walking at 2mph; one hour a week of running at 6mph; or two hours a week of moderate plus vigorous activity were able to reduce their risk of breast cancer. Again, reducing your risk for breast cancer is not associated with the type of activity you perform.

Walk Strong

If you’re not sure were to start, we suggest walking as your primary activity. Not only is this a low-risk activity that can be performed nearly anywhere with space, it has been studied directly with breast cancer patients. Researchers found walkers had twenty five percent lower risk of cancer than those who were least active.

Getting Started

Check in with your primary physicians and let them know you would like to add exercise as part of your treatment plan. Let them know what kinds of activities you would like to perform and let them make the final call on whether those activities are appropriate for you.

Once you have been cleared to participate in a regular exercise program, start slowly and take frequent breaks if needed. Aim for a goal to complete 30 minutes of comfortable activity every day. As you become more comfortable with your exercise and treatment program you can consider adding other types of activity. Walking is always a great place to start.

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