Choosing the Right Stepping Based Workout

Step workouts have been popular for many years.

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Why You Need Stepping Workouts

Step workouts have been popular for many years. For those looking to maximize their time and space in their home to get a great stepping workout, mini steppers are great options. But which kind should you get? There are a few options to choose from when looking at mini steppers to help you meet your goals. Each have differences to consider.


Check Out This Quick Video Tip on How to Pick a Stepper!

All mini steppers are great for helping you increase your heart rate the same way you might feel tired after climbing a few flights of stairs or walking up a hill for a few minutes. The stepping movement is also a very important activity that requires significant balance and strength. Often this is something we take for granted, until it becomes difficult. Steppers require activation of the muscles in the hips and thighs to press down on the resistance system. Repeating this movement over a period of time will increase your heart rate to help you burn calories, while the resistance will help you increase you lower body strength, endurance and stability. Mini steppers are also great space savers. They are light weight and can be easily transported and stored when not in use.

Aerobic steps can be used just like a mini stepper, but use your own body weight for resistance. Mini steppers and aerobic steps can be used to train the upper body. If a mini stepper has attached resistance bands, they can be used to perform a variety of exercises for upper body and full body workouts. You can also perform dumbbell exercises while using your mini stepper to increase the intensity of your workouts. On Aerobic steps, you can perform different body weight upper body movements or by using free weights while you step.


Different Types of Workouts

Depending on your fitness level you may need to start with an introductory workout before challenging yourself to complete a more advanced stepping workout. Basic stepping workouts are great for getting comfortable with the stepping movement while building your endurance and burning calories. Varying your stepping speed and depth is a great way to build stepping strength and coordination so you can step confidently during each workout and transition between stepping exercises with ease.

Give this workout a try if you are new to mini stepper workout.


Basic mini stepper workout

After you have developed some lower body strength and endurance, you can work on adding a variety of movements to your stepping workouts. There are plenty of ways you can train most of your major muscles groups to help develop your whole body. A simple way you can increase the diversity of exercises in your workout routines is to get some dumbbells. You can also integrate body weight movements into your stepping workouts to further engaged your muscles. Check out these upper and lower body focused mini stepping workouts as an example of how you can increase workout variety.


Upper Body Mini Stepper Workouts


Lower Body Mini Stepper Workouts


Advanced Mini Stepper Workouts


Aerobic Step Workouts

If you have an Aerobic Step No. 49, you don’t need much else to get in great shape. Stepping up onto the platform repeatedly for several minutes will help most people increase their heart rate and burn significant amounts of calories. With so many different ways to choreograph stepping movements on these steps, you won’t get bored either. If you want to take a break from more traditional step workouts, take a look at the lower body and upper body workouts we created on our two step products. Each one will get your blood pumping and help you develop lean muscle throughout your body.


Lower Body Cardio Step Workout


Upper Body and Core Cardio Step Workout


Cardio Step Circuit Workout


Bottom Line

Both mini steppers and aerobic steps are great choices for helping you improve your health and fitness. Everyone from beginner to advanced exercisers can benefit from the variety of different workouts you can complete on each. The space saving design and light weight construction make these products a great choice for those with limited home gym space. As with any workout, make sure you consult with a physician be for beginning any workout routine.


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