Yes, Workouts Can Be Fun!

One of the most important variables to a successful workout program is workout enjoyment.

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One of the most important variables to a successful workout program is workout enjoyment. This doesn’t mean your workouts need to be fun in order to give you the best results. You can do very effective workouts and hate every minute of them. When given a choice I would advise sticking to workouts you will want to do rather than dread doing. This will help give you a good chance of being consistent long term with your health and fitness goals. Below you will find some of our favorite fun workouts.


1. Mini Stepper Full Body Burner

Once you get into a rhythm with mini steppers, it’s hard not to have a good time. Adding dumbbells to your workout can create fun movement varieties to give your workouts a boost in enjoyment and effectiveness. This dumbbell endurance workout is great for those who want a full body workout to build muscular endurance and burn calories. During this workout you will spend a good amount of time training your glutes and thighs, while also working on developing the shoulder and back muscles.


2. Mini Stepper with Bands Core Workout

This workout is great for those looking to train their abs using a mini stepper with bands for assistance and a bit of added resistance. Perform this ab routine after your next cardio step workout. This fun yet simple workout will help you look forward to the end of your workouts rather than dreading the last few minutes.


3. Cycling Pyramid Intervals

If you enjoy cycling, you will have fun working through these pyramid intervals. Pyramid intervals give you a great workout while keeping you on your toes through the change in time during each interval. Sweat and cycle your way to a healthier and fit life as you work your way through 15 second, 30 second, and 45 second cycle bike pyramid intervals. So, get ready to pump up that resistance on your favorite cycle, and push your cadence to its max with this cycle bike pyramid interval workout!


4. Tabata Air Blast!

What’s more fun than pushing hard through intense Tabata intervals? Getting blasted with cool air while you’re doing them! The harder you push and pull the fan blades, the larger the air blast, making your workouts fun and cool. The goal for this workout is to complete 8 - 20 second maximum effort sprints with 10 seconds of recovery in between each sprint. When done correctly, this workout will help you boost your cardiovascular performance and burn calories in a short amount of time.


5. Row and Rise!

Follow along to this quick full body workout that will help you burn calories while focusing on the development of the muscles in your lower body and upper body. The Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine brings a unique twist to the traditional in-home rowing workout experience. This rower uses your own body weight to provide resistance as you press with your legs and pull with your arms during each rowing stroke. Have fun rowing as you rise up with each stroke.


6. Rower Core/Hamstring Challenge

Getting creative with your workouts helps decrease the potential boredom of repeating the same workout over and over. Boost your rowing performance with these core- and hamstring-enhancing exercises. These exercises are fun but challenging. Take your time to slowly perform each rep.


7. Dumbbell Full Body HIIT

If you’ve got a pair of dumbbells and just a little time, this 15-minute full body strengthener will put your body to the test. Dumbbell training can get boring fast. This workout will keep you on your toes and push your cardiovascular and strength limits.


8. Home Core Workout

This home core workout for beginners is a great quick routine for beginners to increase core strength and tone. A strong core is essential to prevent injuries and provide the strength necessary for exercisers of all levels and activities to maintain proper form. Train your core effectively and have fun at the same time!


9. Fun Full Body Tension Melt

Whether you’ve been killing your workouts, or you’ve had a busy week stuck sitting at your desk this essential full body stretch will do your body some good! Give your back, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, and hip flexors some loving care with this gentle stretch that will leave your body feeling fresh.


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