How Music Can Improve Your Next Workout

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How Music Can Improve Your Next Workout

Music can be a powerful performance booster. While most of us won’t be going for the gold during the next Olympic marathon event, many of us will be searching for the right playlist to help push through our next workout. So how do you determine which music is the best music for your exercise?

Researchers has shown that the tempo of the music that you listen to can influence your running pace. One group of researchers studied male and female runners who increased their running tempo when they listened to a song with a faster beat. These participants also reported increased enjoyment of their runs when the tempo of the music was faster.

Music also provides coordination-boosting effects to your brain. Researchers have found that when we listen to music we like, our ventral premotor cortex is enhanced. When this part of the brain is stimulated, the body is better prepared for exact physical movements. This can also be seen when runners use songs with a planned beat per minute (BPM) to train at a faster pace or when high-tempo songs lead to high power output and increase in heart rate.

If you not sure what kind of tempo you should choose, start with 130 to 140 beats per minute for walking, 145 to 170 beats per minute for jogging and running, and 130 to 170 beats per minute for exercise bike workouts.

And if you don’t already have running playlist, we have put together 3 starter playlist* via Spotify to help you increase your workout intensity and enjoyment.


*Playlist created by In-House Fitness Expert Sydney Eaton.


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