Meet Our New Sunny Instructors - Sam & James

Learn about our two new instructors on the Sunny team.

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Personal trainers James and Sam exercising

If you have been keeping up with our social media channels, you have probably seen many new rockstar coaches on our platform.

Our new sunny coaches are bringing you the very best in follow-along workout videos. In addition, all of our instructors are working tremendously hard on an upcoming project releasing very soon! We can't wait to share this with our Sunny community.

Today I want to highlight two instructors who are newer faces on the Sunny team. What I love most about working with so many instructors are their vastly unique backgrounds and personalities.

Their unique experiences shape their coaching style and bring true one-of-a-kind workout experiences to the Sunny platform. So let's take a deeper look and learn more about Sam and James.


Sam Candler

"For my personal fitness journey, I am motivated by two main factors: the first is the feeling and the knowledge that I am strong and can lift the heavy things in the gym and in daily life. The second is the head-clearing "me-time" of running.

I can get lost in my own thoughts or even no thoughts at all, just moving to the steady footsteps, heartbeats, and breaths. In coaching, my motivation is from seeing my squad take control over their health and to realize their own strengths."

Sunny community, find Sam featured on the treadmill and in strength training classes.


James King III

"After living an unhealthy, party lifestyle for several years, my weight went up to 230lbs. Endless nights of drinking and eating fast food caught up to me. I was tired, unhappy, and lacked confidence.

I decided that if I wanted my life to change, I would have to change my habits and lifestyle. After implementing the exact strategies I use within my programs, I lost over 50lbs in 2018 and kept it off for good!

I chose a career in fitness and nutrition for a simple reason-to help people experience the same changes I experienced through my transformation."

Sunny, you can find James coaching you on the treadmill and in strength training classes.


Meet our New Sunny Instructors

Watching these videos give me goosebumps! We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to have Sam and James as a part of our Sunny team of coaches.

We can't wait for you to join their classes and experience why we are so excited. Happy training!


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