6 Ways to Help You Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Goals

Two of the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions involve health & wellness.

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6 Ways to Help You Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Goals

New Year’s Resolution

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions this year? If so, you’re not alone, 40% to 50% of American adults do.(1) Do your NY’s Resolutions involve health & wellness? Looking at the odds, there’s a good chance they do.
Two of the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions involve health & wellness. Coming in at the third spot is “to begin exercising,” and “to lose weight” taking the second spot.(1) We all know that resolving to make a change is one thing but keeping a resolution for the entirety of the year is where the real challenge presents itself


The Numbers

Have you asked yourself why this New Year’s Resolution is important to you? What makes this year’s resolutions different than last year’s? Do you find yourself struggling to stick to your “New Year’s Resolution Goals” throughout the year? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
One study followed 200 New Year’s Resolvers over two years. After week 1, 77% maintained their pledge. The number of people still following through with their resolutions significantly dropped after one month to a staggering 55%. By the two-year mark, the success rate plunged to only 19%.(1)


The Common Theme

Researchers concluded that there were four common variables that the successful resolvers all had in common. When the participants were asked to highlight the two most effective methods to make a change, the following were the most frequently listed.


1. Counterconditioning:

Involves using behaviors incompatible with the problem. For example, eating fruits and vegetables in place of high fat-food options or going for a walk with a friend rather than being sedentary.


2. Fading:

Refers to a gradual reduction in an undesired behavior rather than an abrupt change. For example, increasing the amount of physical activity gradually (reducing sedentary time) rather than beginning an extremely intense exercise program that could feel overwhelming.


3. Self-Liberation:

Reflects, the belief that change can be made and the commitment and recommitment to act on that belief. This commonly is referred to as “willpower.”


4. Stimulus Control:

Involves keeping things around to remind you not to give into the problem. For example, hanging pictures showing inviting outdoor viewpoints to encourage going out for a walk rather than being sedentary. Also, keep your walking shoes by the location where you would typically sit to watch TV.

Researchers also noticed that most resolvers experienced at least one lapse, even those who ultimately were successful. The lapses were reported to help strengthen the resolve of most of the participants (71%), with individuals stating that a slip could be an incremental positive learning experience.(1) So don’t worry if you have a minor road bump while you’re on your journey. It can be that little extra motivation you may need to help you accomplish your resolution fitness goals.(1)


Six Ways to Help You Achieve Your New Year Fitness Goals

Help You Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Goals

We all know how challenging it can be to stay on the path of achieving your Fitness Goals for the New Year. Many reasons can lead one to give up on their NY Resolutions Fitness Goals, but what if I told you that I had six life hacks that can help you achieve your goals? Well, you’re just in luck! Below I have listed my top 6 life hacks to help you along the way.


1. Use the Buddy System

Embarking on a new fitness journey on your own can seem like a daunting task. There will be days when you want to be lazy and days when you struggle to find the motivation to bring yourself to wanting to work out (It happens to the best of us). That’s why asking a friend to join you along the way can be helpful. You get to be active and spend more time with your friend; they can also help hold you accountable. If you don’t have someone in your circle of friends or family to help hold you accountable, consider joining a local class, club, or even a group online. Activity trackers can also help give you a little boost of motivation each day. Accountability is sometimes all we need to help us get over the hump.


2. Set Schedule/Routine

Are you someone that tends to work out at different times of the day throughout the week? Having some structure or a daily routine is important in your everyday life. Creating a weekly workout schedule is important when sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions. Working out at the same place and same time will help you establish a routine while also helping you form strong habits. Review your calendar and find a daily time when you can fit in your workouts without interfering with other aspects of your life.


3. Your Body Needs Rest

I know that starting a New Year and beginning your journey towards achieving your NY’s Resolution fitness goals is exciting. However, it’s important to remember not to get overly enthusiastic to the point where you push yourself to maximum effort every day. Many NY Resolution Goals fail because they start strong but quickly get burned out or injured because they are overdoing it. Overuse injuries and fatigue can quickly derail training progress toward your fitness objectives.

Make sure your workout schedule is sustainable, and you’re scheduling a rest day or two into your weekly exercise routine to help you avoid burnout or injury. Being mindful and listening to your body will help you recognize when to take a break. To achieve your Resolution Goals, you must work smarter, NOT harder


4. Have Fun

There are many ways to challenge yourself while getting fit and having fun. Choosing forms of exercise, you will consistently show up for is essential. You can make getting fit fun by finding what exercise appeals to you most. If you’re getting bored with what you’re doing, don’t be afraid to mix up your workout routine. It’s a great way to help you stay engaged and work towards your end goals. Trying something new is also an excellent way to keep yourself excited about exercising while toning muscles you may typically not use.


Write Down Your Resolutions

Take a moment to write down your NY Resolutions and place them somewhere you’ll see them first thing in the morning. It’s essential to keep your goals in your mind as you start each day and reaffirm why you’re making these positive daily lifestyle changes. Whether you place a sticky note on the bathroom mirror (which I do) or magnet it to the fridge, these small reminders can make a significant difference.


Set Specific & Attainable Goals

If you're new to fitness or consider yourself advanced, it’s always better to set smaller, more attainable goals that won’t overwhelm you—sticking to smaller goals, whether one week to three weeks or two to three months. This will make it much easier to keep you on track to accomplish your bigger goals. This will also help you develop better habits. Also, make sure that your goals are specific and unambiguous. Clearly describe the activity you want to accomplish, along with the goals.



If you’re beginning your fitness journey or someone that’s been doing it for years, we can all use a little help in achieving our fitness goals. These six ways will help you stay motivated and are a great way to help you stay accountable as you’re working your way closer to your NY’s Resolution end goals. It’s never too late to implement these actions into your routine. Just remember to be patient, stay positive, and enjoy the ride!


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Help You Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Goals


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