Customer's Journey: Using the Row-N-Ride for Strength and Recovery

Customer's Journey: Using the Row-N-Ride for Strength and Recovery


“I’ll 'see' you in the workouts!”

- Debbie

Hi, my name is Debbie and I’m 68. I have been teaching fitness classes since 1981.

Hip Injury

In June of 2020, I had a hip injury that prevented me from working out like I normally do. All lower body work was very limited so I concentrated on upper body & ab work. During the month of June through the end of October, my muscle tone in my legs and glutes atrophied completely, which to say the least, was very discouraging.

The Row-N-Ride and Results

I saw an ad on Facebook for the Row-N-Ride and thought I could possibly do it because there was no impact involved. It arrived on November 1st and it was the best thing ever! I could use it with no hip pain at all and I even contribute it to helping me get back my range of motion. I was shocked at how well-made it was for the small amount it cost.

I’m not one to publicly post pictures of myself but I saw results and I’m still receiving results. My legs are much stronger now and my glutes are lifting! I’m 68 so that’s saying a lot! I even decided to get the Sunny Rebounder and I’m having a blast bouncing!

I’m loving the Row-N-Ride videos. Sunny Trainers Sydney, Matt, and Sofee are all great trainers and their instructions are right on. They make a tough workout fly by. I’m pretty much all healed now but I’m still going to use my Row-N-Ride (& Rebounder) regularly. Looking forward to even more results.

I’ll “see” you in the workouts!

*Please consult your doctor if you are considering exercise after an injury or have pre-existing conditions.

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