International Women's Day Sale

To celebrate and recognize the strides women have made in the fitness industry, we have put together a special flash sale event. Deals end 3/8, 11:59pm.

Throughout a cycling journey, many indoor cyclists experience wrist pain during their regular rides or classes. However, you should know, while cycling wrist pain may be common, it’s not normal.

What’s the best time of day to exercise - morning or evening? Everyone seems to have an opinion on this hot topic.

Jump roping is a great way to get an effective and efficient workout from home! Jump roping can help burn a serious amount of calories, comparable to other traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Treadmill workouts don’t have to be boring! Follow along with our top tips to make each session on your treadmill intentional, effective, and more fun.

With the New Year quickly approaching, odds are you have some healthy New Year’s resolutions in mind.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a cyclist is skipping a proper cooldown after putting in time on your cycle bike.

The fitness industry is filled with weight loss myths. Quick fixes and toxic advice inundate the media and make it hard to build a weight loss plan that is evidence-based and effective long term.

If you’ve fallen victim to poor posture – finding yourself more often than not sitting with slouched shoulders or even start to feel pain in your lower back – you’re not alone.

Jump roping is one of the most effective ways to get a cardio workout in. Better yet, a jump rope is a compact, portable piece of equipment that you can easily take with you and do virtually anywhere.

We all know exercise is incredible for your physical health, but what you may not know is exercise can make a big positive impact on your mental health.