Why You Should Incorporate Squats Into Your Workout

Squats are one of the most useful exercises you can do, especially if you are trying to work your lower body and push yourself to reach higher goals. Incorporating squats into your fitness routine will allow you to get a glimpse at just how beneficial the exercise can be.

In order to know if you are running faster, you need a baseline. In order to establish a baseline, simply choose a distance to run and time yourself.

Looking for ways to make running on the treadmill a bit more enjoyable? There’s a reason why the runner community created the hashtag #dreadmill on instagram.

One of the most important variables to a successful workout program is workout enjoyment. This doesn’t mean your workouts need to be fun in order to give you the best results.

Many of us may be seeing big changes in our work environment as restrictions are lifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what will that mean for our health and fitness plans?

Training frequency is one training variable you should consider when deciding what type of workout program to choose to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

When it comes to what makes a fitness routine good, quality and quantity of exercise are both very important factors that come into play.

Time for a little girl talk! Women are nothing short of amazing, and our bodies are no exception. From running a 5K to childbirth, it’s pretty incredible the number of things we’re equipped to do!

First of all, great job getting to this point! The fact that you are thinking about the effectiveness of your workout program means you are steps ahead of those taking no action towards their desired health and fitness goals.

Before you venture further down your marathon training path, I encourage you to spend some time thinking about why you chose to take on one of the most difficult tests of human performance.

The brain boosting power of exercise! If you have ever felt groggy, had a foggy brain, or just felt a bit off mentally, there is a way you can easily give your brain an extra boost!