Best Stretch Training Machine: Full Body Stretching Trainer Guide

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for your body.

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Best Stretch Training Machine: Full Body Stretching Trainer Guide

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for your body. However, if you find stretching difficult for you, stretching machines and other tools can help assist you in getting that oh-so-good stretch you’re looking for. 

In this article, I’ll highlight the glorious benefits of stretching, and get into the details on how a stretch training machine can help you stretch it out. 


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Why is Stretching Important?

Most people overlook the importance and benefits of frequent stretching, and the adverse effects that failing to stretch can have on the body. Below are a few of the top benefits you may experience from adding stretching into your routine.


1) Stress Relief

Stretching is a great stress reliever and can help clear your mind. Need to reduce stress?  Taking simply 5 minutes can make a huge difference in your mental health.  


2) Improved Posture

When your muscles become tight, it can pull your joints and thus your posture out of alignment. Stretching regularly can help relieve overactive muscles by helping to lengthen them again, reducing poor posture, and any aches and pains.


3) Increased Blood Flow

Stretching increases blood flow. Increased blood flow means more nutrients are delivered to your muscles, and more metabolic waste like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and uric acid is removed.


4) Improved Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of stretching is that it can help increase your flexibility. As a result of increased flexibility, you’ll see continued improvements in the range of motion of your joints will help you move better throughout your workouts, and all day long.


5) Enhanced Fitness Performance

When the benefits of stretching like improved circulation, muscle flexibility and range of motion are combined it means overall improvements to your fitness performance. Want to perform better in workouts or competition? Stretching is the answer!




What is a Full Body Stretch Training Machine?

A stretching machine is fitness equipment that enables you to stretch your entire body. It improves the flexibility of various muscle groups through multiple stretches targeting the hips, back, arms, and legs. There are two types of stretching machines available: one specifically for leg stretching and the other for whole body stretching.


1) Leg Stretch Machines 

A leg stretch machine focuses on leg and hip muscles. It is beneficial when you want to practice martial arts or do complete splits.


2) Whole Body Stretching Machines 

With a full-body stretching machine, you can target not just the leg muscles but the whole body, increasing the flexibility of your entire body by targeting every major muscle group.


Benefits of Using a Full Body Stretch Training Machine

A full body stretcher is designed to help gently extend muscles into a more functional state of flexibility. This machine targets just about every muscle in your body, including the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, arms, upper and lower back, plus much more

Be ready to hit every major muscle group with a gentle but effective stretch. Along with hitting every major muscle group in the body, a full body stretch machine also targets the most important one of them all, and that’s your core.


Benefits of Owning a Full Body Stretch Training Machine

Among the luxury of utilizing this machine from the comforts of your home, this kind of stretching machine can effectively help increase your active range of motion and joint mobility.

It can also help improve your posture & alignment and reduce musculoskeletal pain. Along with improving your posture, it helps prevent and even heal back pain. 

Increasing your flexibility will help delay the decreased mobility associated with aging and help relieve stress as you stretch your neck, shoulders, and upper back.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Stretch Training Machine

Featuring a space-efficient and lightweight design (less than 30 LB), the SF-BH621002 Stretch Training Machine is an effective solution to complement your home gym. Obtain extensive stretches in a space-efficient form that’s compact enough for easy storage.

Become more flexible, decompress your back, and relax tight muscles to increase blood flow. The Stretch Training Machine is an effective solution to implement stretching into your regular routine, or squeeze in a quick stretch.


Features of The Sunny Stretch Training Machine

The SF-BH621002 Sunny Stretch Training Machine provides incredible features that makes it an ideal addition to your home!

Compact & Lightweight

The Stretch Training Machine has a compact, lightweight design (less than 30 LB) and is space-efficient, making it easy to store.


stretch machine



Handlebars & Straps

Switch to multiple grips to help assist if targeting and focusing on a specific area or position, or even use one of the two pairs of safety straps located on the front post of the stretch machine to help ensure the safe operation of the stretch trainer machine.




Cushioned Seat & Knee Pads

Large, cushioned seating and knee pad provide exceptional comfort and support, while the pivoting seat allows you to go further into your stretches with a travel distance of over 24 inches.




Self Leveling Pedals  

With the self-leveling pedals, you’ll be able to adjust ankle position as needed to increase comfort in every single stretch you perform. 


self leveling pedals


Stretching Positions on The Sunny Stretch Training Machine

Below I’ve included a handful of my favorite stretches you can perform using the SF-BH621002 Stretch Training Machine. 

Stretching Machine for the Lower Back  

  • Start with the seat in its forward position as you hold onto the upper handlebar or ropes with your palms facing down.
  • Sink your weights into the seat, and slowly start allowing gravity to pull you back as you sink deeper into a lower trunk stretch.
  • If you would like to feel it more on a particular side, lean on that side and drop your armpit down towards the ground, stretching out the side body, and breathe.


Stretching Machine for the Hamstrings

  • Seated in its forward position, grab ahold of the ropes or lower handlebar with your palms facing down.
  • Extend & straighten one leg placing your foot on the foam pad while your other is placed on the pedal.
  • To feel more of a stretch in your hamstring, keep the chest open and reach your hands towards the upper part of the handlebar. Or you can pull your toes back with the extended straightened leg to feel it more in your hamstring and calf.
  • Breathe and repeat.



Stretching Machine for the Glutes, Hips, and IT Band

  • Seated in its forward position, hold onto the right side of the ropes or lower handlebar with palms facing down.
  • Take the ankle of the leg that’s being stretched and place it on the knee of the resting leg.
  • Slowly lean into the side that is being stretched and breathe to deepen into the stretch.
  • Complete the stretch and repeat with the opposite leg.



Stretching Machine for the Calves

  • Stand at the back of your machine, facing toward the machine.
  • Place your toes and balls of your feet onto the base support of the mainframe.
  • Then place your hands onto the lower or upper part of the handlebar (whichever is most comfortable & allows you to feel the stretch the most).
  • Then pedal your heels down towards the ground and alternate after pressing down your heel and holding the stretch while continuing to breathe deeply.

Man on stretching machine


Stretching Machine for the Quads

  • Stand at the front of your machine (in front of handlebars), facing away from the machine.
  • Bring one foot up, resting your toes on the foam pad. For more of a stretch, place your toes onto the top handlebar.
  • Press into the stretch onto the front side of the bent leg.
  • Use the side of the upper handlebar to help maintain balance.
  • Keep your body neutral and breathe.

Man on stretching machine


Stretching Machine for the Shoulders

  • Cross arms holding onto the top handlebar. Make sure that your palm is facing down with the top arm and the palm of the bottom arm facing upwards.
  • Allow your chest to drop and fall towards the ground slowly.
  • Breathe and let gravity sink you deeper into the stretch.
  • Switch arm positions & repeat.

Man on stretching machine


Who Can Use the Sunny Stretching Exercise Machine?

The Sunny Stretching Machine can be used by people of all ages but may be even more beneficial for the older adult demographic. As we get older, we start to experience stiffness in our muscles and joints, making it difficult to get into the correct position for a particular stretch.

The Sunny Stretching Exercise Machine makes it easier for you to get deeper into the stretch. If you’re unsure if this would be an appropriate stretching machine for you, please contact your physician and see if they think a full body stretching machine could be good for you.


Final Word on Stretching Machines

Whether you’re doing it for sports or loosening up after a long day hunched over a computer, the results from using this full body stretching machine can be incredible. You might not run on the treadmill every day because you probably want to rest your legs to avoid overuse; however, a stretch machine you can use every single day.

It’s crucial to be careful and very methodical as you gently increase the depth and flexibility of each stretch. If you want relief from tightness or need help deepening your stretch, The Sunny Health & Fitness Stretching Exercise Machine will help you get there.


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