Home Gym Comparison Treadmill Edition: What $500 Can Buy

Home Gym Comparison Treadmill Edition: What $500 Can Buy

Want to build your own home gym from scratch? We know that there are several choices of equipment that you can purchase. But we want to make things easier. We’ve built three custom workout packages that are designed for treadmill enthusiasts and general exercisers alike. Built from our editorial teams’ favorite pieces of gym equipment, these custom sets offer tools to help condition your upper and lower body muscles. And the best part? Each of these sets total $500 and under.

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man performing dips on dip station

Switch up your workout routine with a mix of cardio, upper body and core conditioning. After you stop your treadmill workout, drop into your dip station, and then roll your core with this body weight building trio. The technology on this SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline will keep you engaged and connected with integrated Bluetooth technology and auto incline for convenience and versatility during every workout. Enjoy the added benefits of bodyweight strength training when you use the SF-BH6507 Dip Station to target muscle in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, and core. Break through workout monotony and strengthen your core and shoulders with the No. 002 Fitness Roller Slide.


man performing dumbbell row

Add some versatility to your treadmill training with a weight training bench and a dumbbell set. The SF-T7603 Motorized Treadmill is the perfect solution for those that need a reliable way to walk, jog, or run. Challenge yourself using the 9 built-in user programs, or test your own performance using the integrated handrail controls with pulse sensors. Add the SF-BH6501 Heavy duty Workout Bench to your home gym to create a workout space perfect for performing bodyweight or weight training exercises. The large exercise No. 074 Exercise Equipment Mat ensures that you have a safe workout space that will help prevent floor surface damage. Grab the 33lbs Dumbbell Chrome Set to perform exercises to train lower- and upper-body muscles to help you train to your best potential.


man walking on treadmill

Maximize your potential when you incorporate strength building exercises using the SF-BH6811 Adjustable Weight Bench (that comes equipped with a sweet leg developer). Burst through training plateaus using both the 100lbs Barbell and Dumbbell Sets to train running specific exercises to help you conquer the most challenging runs. The SF-T4400 Inclining Treadmill is expertly designed for maximum performance, optimal comfort, and ultimate efficiency.

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