Home Gym Comparison: Holiday Gift Guide

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Home Gym Comparison: Holiday Gift Guide

We understand that everyone’s goals and budget are different. Fortunately, we carry a vast variety of equipment that can help users of many different fitness levels make progress and push through their health and fitness goals. There is no better time to give the gift of health and fitness to yourself or a loved one during this holiday season. If you are ready to commit to filling out your home gym or are interested in getting a head start to your New Year’s resolution, check out the three home gym packages we have put together to help fulfill your ideal workout environment.


Total Body Training Under $250

Our Row-N-Ride® provides users with an exercise experience that incorporates the foundational movement of a squat with the muscular developing motion of a row. Both actions performed in tandem create a calorie-boosting workout routine that can be increased or decreased in difficulty with the attached resistance bands. Another great full body cardio training routine can be performed on the Versa Stepper. With larger foot plates and resistance bands that provide progressive resistance to target muscles throughout your upper body, this stepper is perfect for combining cardio and muscular training while saving space. With the addition of our neoprene dumbbell set, you can perform an array of muscle isolating exercises or multi-joint movements to increase your body’s functional strength.

Upright Row-N-Ride®

Versa Stepper w/ Resistance Bands

Neoprene Dumbbell Set


Rowing Performance Package Under $500

Rowing is arguably one of the best ways to get in shape. With the Obsidian Surge rower, you can develop a powerful cardiovascular engine and build muscles in your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and core for a complete full body training routine. The pleasurable acoustics of the rowing blades moving through the water drum will simulate the feeling of on-water rowing. Adding our No. 087 dumbbells to your home gym will give you 40 pounds of adjustable weight you can use to boost your muscular strength, growth, and endurance. Throw in a yoga mat to comfortably stretch out or perform bodyweight core exercises to complement a well-rounded training plan.

Obsidian Surge Water Rower

40lb,Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Yoga Mat for Health & Fitness


Heavy Hitter: Complete Human Performance for under $1200

The ultimate equipment for building muscular strength and power is our power rack, Olympic barbell, and plates. Equipped with an attached landmine apparatus, you can perform a variety of rotational and functional training exercise all in one space. Easily hop up to the pull up bar for an intense upper body training. Mix in some high intensity interval training when you mount the Zephyr Air Bike to push and pull against the heavy-duty fan blades that generate progressive resistance as you get stronger. This home gym with give you all you need to improve your human performance.

Power Squat Rack

86" Olympic Bar

Zephyr Air Bike

Olympic Bumper Weight Plates - 10 LBS

Olympic Bumper Weight Plates - 25 LBS

Olympic Bumper Weight Plates - 35 LBS


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