Pyramid Hill Climb Treadmill Workout

Pyramid Hill Climb Treadmill Workout


The SF-T7705 comes pre-loaded with 9 workout programs to help you reach your health and fitness goals. In case you have completed each program, we have developed a special program for you to use to help push yourself to the next level! This simple 20-minute workout will challenge your climbing abilities by using the maximum incline on your treadmill.

You will start at a level 4 incline walking at a brisk pace. Your pace should be comfortable and balanced, taking long and quick strides. If you feel like you could increase your speed or stride length during the workout, then you know you are not at the right speed. The incline will increase by two levels every 2 minutes for the first five minutes. After that the incline will reduce by two levels every 2 minutes.

If the workout becomes challenging, make sure to use the handrails when the incline becomes difficult. Perform the same workout at a jogging or running speed to increase the intensity. Remember this program is not pre-loaded, so you will have to keep track of the time and increase the incline levels yourself every two minutes.

Treadmill Pyramid Hill Climb Interval Workout Program chart

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