Try This Sunny 12-3-30 Workout Variation That Works!

If you’ve had your own challenges with sticking to your fitness routine or merely getting moving, try this workout variation to help you stay on track.

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Try This Sunny 12-3-30 Workout Variation That Works!

Tapping into a higher level of fitness may come down to three simple numbers: 12-3-30; or at least, that’s what TikTok creator Lauren Giraldo would have to say about this unique numeric code that sets the basic ground rules for her viral (12 million views and counting) 12-3-30 treadmill walking workout. 

The 12-3-30 treadmill workout works like this: 

  • Set your treadmill incline to 12%
  • Set your speed to 3 miles per hour (MPH)
  • Walk for 30 minutes

Easy to follow, but perhaps not as easy to complete, as many sweaty and breathless TikTok users have reported after putting this trend to the test. While this trending workout may not be designed for everyone (especially beginners), finding simplicity in the numbers could have major benefits for your fitness routine

If you’ve had your challenges with sticking to your fitness routine or merely getting moving, I have a play on this workout variation to help you stay on track. Meet the Sunny 4-30-5 elliptical workout designed for anyone and everyone! 


What is the Sunny 4-30-5 Elliptical Workout?

I’ve created my simple guidelines for an elliptical workout routine that is perfect for all levels. Learn how to complete this workout below. 

The Sunny 4-30-5 elliptical workout works like this: 

  • Set your elliptical resistance to 4
  • Move at a steady pace for 30 minutes
  • Do this workout 5 days per week

That’s it! A simple and achievable cardio workout that’s available to you if you have access to an elliptical or are lucky enough to have an elliptical in your home gym. 

Better yet, the numbers that I’ve chosen to set the guidelines for this 4-30-5 elliptical workout were anything but random. This workout was designed intentionally to help you work towards hitting standard physical activity guidelines for healthy adults. 

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition, which was released by the CDC in 2018, adults should complete at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and 2 or more days of full body strength training each week (1).

By completing the Sunny 4-30-5 elliptical workout, which includes 5 days of 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week, you’ll check cardio off your weekly to-do list, and be one step towards a healthier you! 


How to Start the 4-30-5 Elliptical Workout 

If you’re going to try the 4-30-5 elliptical workout or even take the classic 12-3-30 workout for a spin, here are some pointers to keep in mind. 

Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes 

The great thing about working out on an elliptical is you reduce the impact on your joints that you may experience when walking or running because your feet remain connected to the pedals throughout your stride. 

However, it’s important to keep your feet properly supported even on an elliptical to reduce injury and enhance and support your performance during your workout. I’d recommend wearing a lightweight running shoe or cross-training sneaker for an elliptical workout. 

Move with Intention 

With a simple workout like this, it’s easy to ‘set it and forget it’, plodding along mindlessly. Know that if that’s the kind of workout you’re looking for, it’s available to you and it’s certainly better than nothing. 

But, if you’re looking for an elevated workout experience (not to mention better results), being mindful can make all the difference. Each workout is a unique opportunity to take care of yourself and connect to your mind and body. When you embrace that window of time in your day with intention, the results are gratifying. 

Use Good Form 

Good elliptical form is key. Imagine a string is lifting you from the top of your head. Your entire body should be stacked upright, with shoulders down, back and away from your ears, chest proud, and core engaged

Your hips should be coming with you, not forward or back but stacked below your shoulders. Finally, your knees and feet should be pointed and tracked straight forward, with feet always planted firmly on the footplates. 

Want to get the most out of your elliptical workout? Our Elliptical Guide for Beginners has tons of great pointers! 


Can the 4-30-5 Elliptical Workout Help You Lose Weight? 

Building the 4-30-5 elliptical workout into your exercise routine five days a week can add up to 150 minutes of heart pounding exercise. That could go a long way to dialing back the number popping up on the scale. 

However, I would caution against basing a weight loss and fitness plan entirely on the 4-30-5 workout. While this workout is a great step in the right direction, I would recommend balancing the cardio with some strength training to work out different muscle groups

Also keep in mind, eating healthy is key if you’re looking to shed some pounds. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t out-exercise a bad diet’? That phrase certainly applies here. You can be doing everything right in your workout routine and not lose a single pound if you aren’t eating right. 

Don’t forget other factors that may influence your weight such as stress, sleep, or your metabolism. If weight loss is the goal, I recommend keeping a detailed journal with what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and setting goals to make changes from there. 


Is the 4-30-5 Elliptical Workout Worth Trying? 

As a certified fitness instructor, you already know my answer to this question is yes. I am a big fan of movement in all forms, and the benefits - even of adding something as simple as a 4-30-5 workout to your routine - are great. 

While there are many physical benefits to completing a regular exercise routine, I’d recommend touching base with how you feel when you complete each exercise session and week. I guarantee if movement is something that is new or has been irregular in the past for you, your body and mind will thank you simply for establishing regular activity as a part of your routine. 

What do you have to lose? Likely not much. Perhaps the question is better rephrased: what do you have to gain? While this 4-30-5 elliptical workout may be plain and simple, the benefits are vast. So, give it a try, and be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments below! 


1. “How much physical activity do adults need?” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018 Accessed 4, March 2022. 


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