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Outdoor exercise is an excellent option for those looking to escape the confines of their homes for fresh air and an effective workout.

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Outdoor exercise is an excellent option for those looking to escape the confines of their homes for fresh air and an effective workout. Unless you plan on taking your equipment outside for an open air exercise experience, it may be difficult to find the right activity to help you meet your goals. The good news is that even without heavy duty equipment, outdoor exercise can be just as effective as your normal indoor workouts. It’s possible that outdoor workouts might also make you work harder and increase enjoyment or your workouts more than you normally would. Changes in scenery, variety of terrain, and increased light exposure create an excellent environment to work in some great outdoor exercise. Check out a few of these fresh workouts the next time you choose to add outdoor exercise to your weekly routine.


1. Cardio Blast

For those that like fast paced HIIT workouts, this bodyweight sprint based workout will test your speed and endurance. Sprints are a great way to get maximum power out of your lower body while boosting your heart rate to maximum levels. This workout pairs 100 meter sprints with three bodyweight exercises to target your upper body and core. You can complete this intense workout in 10 minutes, or extended it if a longer workout is desired.


Workout Details:

Start the workout by running the first 100 meters as fast as you can. Immediately complete the maximum number of pushups you can do with good form until you can no longer complete pushups or you reach the 2 minute time cap. After 2 minutes, start exercise pair number 2. Each time a leg completes a rep, it counts towards the 200 rep total. For the jackknives you must complete 25 reps on each side. If you have any time remaining out of the 2 minutes allowed for each pair you may use it to rest before your next sprint.


Pair #1

  • 100 meter sprint
  • MAX set of Push ups

Pair #2

  • 100 meter sprint
  • 200 Mountain Climbers

Pair #3

  • 100 meter sprint
  • 30 Alternating Jackknives

(Repeat 2-3 rounds)



2. Fit Stations

If you are looking to break up the monotony of long jogs or runs, consider adding fit stations throughout your route. Simply decide how long you are going to run and divide the time or distance into several intervals. After you have run one of the intervals, stop and perform one of the fit station exercises. After you complete the exercise, start the next running or jogging interval. Complete all running intervals and fit station exercises to complete the workout. Not only will this give you a change to push yourself to run a bit faster during each segment, you will also be extending your workout time by adding the fit station exercises. This will help you target more muscles during your workout and increase your calorie burning potential.


Workout Details:

30 minute Run + Station exercises

  • Run 6 minutes

Station 1- 50 Bodyweight squats

  • Run 6 minutes

Station 2 - 1 minute lunge matrix

  • Run 6 minutes

Station 3 - MAX set of pushups

  • Run 6 minutes

Station 4 – 20 Burpees

  • Run 6 minutes

Station 5 - MAX plank hold



3. Park Bench Workout

You can easily turn your local park bench into an effective piece of workout equipment. There are several bodyweight exercises you can perform on a park bench to achieve a full body workout. We have provided two great full body park bench workouts for you to try. Any clean sturdy park bench will work.


Park Bench Workout #1

Table mountain climbers – 50 total reps

Pike Shoulder Press – 10 reps

Step Downs – 15 reps each leg

Side plank rotations – 10 reps each side

In and Out abs – 20 reps

(Repeat 2-3 sets)



Park Bench Workout #2

20-min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) or longer if you have the time.

Bulgarian split squats – 12 reps (each side)

Dips to incline pushups – 4 sets of each

Step ups 2x each side Toe taps – 50 reps

Scissor kicks – 40 reps

Box jumps – 12 reps

Rest 90 seconds to 3 minutes (enough time to catch your breath and let your heart rate slow down to around 50%) and repeat!




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