SNYSZN2023: A Celebration of Summer

Beach, Road Trips, Hiking, and Music Festivals! Sunny Season (SNYSZN) will help you stay fit all summer long.

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SNYSZN2023: A Celebration of Summer

Summer is finally here! And with it comes longer days, warmer weather, outdoor activities galore, and fun vacations. Here at Sunny, we feel it is important – an obligation, really – to celebrate all the beautiful moments that summer offers us. And of course, getting fit while doing it! That’s why we created our SNYSZN (Sunny Season) campaign, where we highlight some of our favorite summertime activities over the next four weeks. Get ready to head to the beach, hike your favorite trail, hit the road for vacation, and dance your heart out with some of your favorite Sunny trainers.


Beach Week (June 28th-July 4th)

We’re kicking off the first week of SNYSZN with a visit to the beach. The perfect location for being active, enjoying healthy summer treats, or just relaxing in the sand with a book. Design your beach day your way, and follow along with Sunny to make it your best one yet.



Join Coach James at Muscle Beach for the ultimate guns and buns workout, sure to leave you looking and feeling your best. If you’re too busy having fun to squeeze in a workout, try the Beach Booty SunnyFlex workout with Claire. All you need is 10 minutes to complete these bodyweight strength workouts!




The beach is idyllic for a picnic, but there is always one pesky problem – sand. Sunny Trainer, Kyle, will teach you how to keep your snacks sand-free so you can spend less time cleaning and more time eating.

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Denise uses her expertise and knowledge to explain why running on the beach has the potential to be even more beneficial than running in your neighborhood. And one (understandable) reason why she hates it!

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Don’t forget self-care. Enjoy an empowering beach meditation with Alexa to calm and invigorate your mind. Finish feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything.


Road Trip Week (July 5th-July 11th)

Buckle up for a summer road trip – Sunny style! Whether you’re taking a day trip or traveling across the country, we have tips on how to keep you active, pack nutritious snacks, and take a mental health break from your busy day-to-day.



Vacation is amazing, but it can definitely be disruptive to your workout routine. Check out Alexa's resistance band workout if you want to stay on top of your gains! Resistance bands are portable and easy to pack, so you won’t have to miss a beat while on the road.



Being in the car for long hours can be hard on your body – so stretch it out with Claire in this week’s SunnyFlex workout. Try it during your rest stops to shake out your legs or to unwind after a long day of travel.



Unsure of how to stick to your healthy meal plan when you’re on the road? Tre, Nick, and Claire debate which classic road trip snacks can be substituted for easy, healthy alternatives.

Plus, tune in to find out how often our trainers make pit stops on a long road trip. You might be surprised at how much the answer varies!



Clear your mind and reduce anxiety as you enjoy a 15-minute audio meditation with Wendie. Connect with your breath as you focus on the value of getting away and taking a vacation.

Join Shira and dive deeper into the mental health benefits of hitting pause and going on a fun trip.


Hiking Week (July 12th-July 18th)

Climb that mountain! This week it’s all about hiking and the great outdoors. Being in nature and physical activity are both research-backed methods that contribute to improving overall wellness, so why not combine the two? Our Sunny trainers give you tips on how to stay safe during your time outside, offer workouts to prep your glutes for hiking up that incline, and help you tune in to your body and breath while enjoying your local green space.



Build strength in your legs and glutes while also working on your cardiovascular fitness! This workout with Mara will get you into hiking shape in no time.

Prepare your body for balance and stability while out on a rocky trail with this week’s SunnyFlex workout. Choose your intensity level and make it your own.




Chaz and Kyle have advice on how to stay safe, hydrated, and respectful to other hikers while out in the wilderness. Safety first!



Hiking goes beyond just providing physical benefits. Studies show that having regular access to green space has numerous mental health benefits. Lower risk of depression, quicker stress recovery, strengthened mental capacities, and improved mental focus and clarity are some of the positive health benefits, just to name a few. Join Claire in a discussion on both the mental and physical benefits of going for a hike!

Creating a quiet space for yourself in nature is the perfect way to feel grounded when you need a break from the business of everyday life. Eloisa has the perfect nature meditation to jump out of your anxious thought spiral, and into your body.


Music Festival Week (July 19th-July 25th)

Turn up the volume on the final week of SNYSZN! Festival week will have you grooving to all your favorite summer jams, moving your body, and prioritizing recovery days.



Let’s be honest – music festivals are a blast, but they are also exhausting. Prepare yourself for back-to-back days of dancing/jumping/standing/walking by dancing it out in a cardio dance workout with Mara.

To get in that quick SunnyFlex, join Claire for exercises that focus on boosting stamina and endurance to keep you energized through those day-long music festivals.



When your energy is completely drained after a 3-day festival, it’s important to concentrate on recovery. Dana discusses tips and tricks to get you back up to speed and ready for a week of work after going all out at your favorite concert.

When you’re out in the sun and on your feet for long periods of time, it’s important to fuel your body properly. James talks about how you can optimally eat and drink your way through a music festival. Focus on maintaining your energy so you won’t miss out on any of your favorite bands.



Let loose with the Sunny Dumbbell concert! Laughter and music are two wonderful ways to relax and de-stress.

Feel cozy and peaceful as Britt guides you through a relaxing meditation that focuses on music.


A Sunny Summer – Your Style

The bottom line is to make space in your summer for movement and activity, but have fun with it! Take advantage of activities that are unique to this time of year. Get outside for a beach run, dance the night away at a music festival, or step into nature to clear your mind and challenge your body. Summer is always jam-packed with activities, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy fitness routines – adapt to the season and celebrate with us!


SNYSZN2023: A Celebration of Summer Infographic

SNYSZN2023: A Celebration of Summer Infographic


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