Dana Simonelli, Fitness Trainer

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Dana Simonelli, Fitness Trainer



Dana grew up in Colorado where she spent lots of time outdoors enjoying activities like hiking and showshoeing. She started ice skating at 3, and competed as a professional ice skater at the national level, touring around the world. Dana continued her skating career by coaching younger ice skaters.

She thought she’d always be in the ice skating industry, but got burned out and went into real estate. It wasn’t long before Dana missed the physicality and performance aspects of ice skating and getting to stand alongside her students in their training journeys. So, that’s when she decided to get her certifications and become a fitness instructor.

Over her 20 years in the fitness industry she has accumulated tons of certifications, but her favorite formats to teach are cycling, HIIT, and strength. She enjoys pushing others out of their comfort zones to become successful. Her heart and passion is truly with health and fitness.

Outside of fitness, Dana’s first passion is her two boys. Because health is so important to her she’s tried to share that love with her kids by preparing them healthy meals and being active together.

Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, NASM CPT, ACE CPT, Cycling, Boxing/Kickboxing, Strength, Tabata, HIIT, Barre, Pilates


25-MIN Indoor Bike Technique Ride

15-MIN Beginner Row

10-MIN Full Body Stretch