Tiffany Vargas, Fitness Trainer

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Tiffany Vargas, Fitness Trainer

Tiffany is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She offers private training sessions, group fitness classes, and online nutrition coaching. Tiffany's journey into fitness began in her early teens and flourished during college, where she pursued a degree in Business Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship, aiming to establish her own nutrition and fitness business.

Growing up, Tiffany explored various sports from softball to cheerleading, but her true passion became weightlifting and strength training. Whether celebrating achievements or channeling frustration, she found empowerment through physical activity. Tiffany aims to share how fitness and nutrition transformed her life and can positively impact others.

Tiffany is dedicated to spreading positivity through workouts and nutrition blogs at Sunny. She emphasizes life balance and the importance of wellness while allowing indulgences. She believes in embracing life's journey, finding beauty in personal growth. Tiffany approaches her fitness journey with grace, sustainability, and optimism.

Beyond fitness and meal planning, Tiffany cherishes time with her husband at home. She enjoys socializing but also values quiet moments, considering herself a homebody. As food enthusiasts, Tiffany and her husband delight in sharing good meals while binge-watching TV series or movies. Tiffany encourages others to balance leisure with health and fitness goals. Her ideal day involves great coffee, a rewarding workout, a beach trip with Taylor Swift tunes, sunset views, and ending with pizza and cuddles with her husband.