Ashley Wimoni, Fitness Trainer

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Ashley Wimoni, Fitness Trainer

Ashley Wimoni spent her childhood growing up in New Jersey as a competitive gymnast, graduated from Seton Hall University in 2013, and officially began her fitness career in 2015 first as a trampoline fitness instructor and personal trainer. She also maintained her first job as a gymnastics teacher, coach and choreographer until she moved to Los Angeles in 2017, where she continued to wear various hats in the fitness and wellness world. From F45 Training Head Coach and captaining multiple fitness and nutrition challenges, to running her own trampoline fitness business called Coastal Bounce, to managing multiple EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training studios, Ashley's passion in health, fitness and for the well-being of others has been a true constant and driving force.

After her final gymnastics competition at Nationals in 2009, as well as being part-time dancer throughout high school, Ashley has dabbled in many different fitness modalities to scratch the athletic itch, including Muay Thai boxing, Crossfit, running, yoga, pole/aerial dance, climbing, etc. She is ALWAYS up for the challenge of experiencing a new sport or training endeavor!

Ashley has been a certified personal trainer since 2016, and holds certifications in fitness nutrition, corrective exercise, trampoline fitness, and WeimsPro EMS technology, Animal Flow, and Performance Stretch Therapy. She is constantly eager to learn, grow and expand her knowledge and expertise through various modalities. Additionally, Ashley advocates for proper food education, mental and emotional health, meditation and other self-healing modalities. Her favorite motivational quote is "Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right" (Henry Ford) and is a die-hard believer that "your reality is what YOU make it!"

Alongside being Sunny's Trampoline Expert and Fitness Trainer, Ashley loves and continues to train in Muay Thai boxing, Crossfit and strength training, mobility and stretch therapy/yoga, and practicing her handstands daily. Her other hobbies and thrills include writing, traveling, karaoke, modeling/acting/performing, live music events, Harry Potter, and 80s movies and music!