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As we find ourselves in this new time of quarantine and social distancing, so many aspects of our daily lives have had to adjust.

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As we find ourselves in this new time of quarantine and social distancing, so many aspects of our daily lives have had to adjust. If you’ve not yet gotten used to working out at home, I’m here to help make it simple to not only get on the right track but continue making progress towards your fitness goals with whatever you have at home.


1. Getting Started

Working out at home is brilliant for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s relatively inexpensive. You can get a great workout from home with no equipment at all - bodyweight workouts are incredible and can be tailored to all fitness levels. Up your game with a small investment in items like dumbbells or kettlebells which can add variety and challenge to your workouts. Finally, if you’re really willing to go all in, cardio equipment is the cherry on top of any home gym. With cardio equipment on hand, you don’t even have to stop watching your TV show to get your workout in!

Once you know what equipment you’re working with, it’s just a matter of working with the schedule you have and planning out your workouts in such a way that your body is getting the exercise it needs. Even if you don’t have the same equipment or routine you’re used to, trying something new to challenge your body can be loads of fun and a beneficial change of pace for your body!


2. Finding Time in the Day

For many, working out in the morning is ideal. If you have a hard time finding time for yourself at the end of the day - the early morning might be a good option, when there are less excuses for squeezing in a workout. The hardest part about exercising in the morning is not ignoring your alarm; but, just like any fitness routine, a certain determination and willpower is required. If evening workouts are your thing, it’s important to make sure you make room for it in your schedule, regardless of distractions.

No matter which time of day you prefer, some kind of flexibility makes all the difference. At some point, life will get in the way, and you just have to be flexible enough to make it work. Especially in novel times like these. Believe it or not, some things are worth adjusting your workout for. Whatever the reason you might need to move your workout, just make sure you move it and don’t cancel it. Staying on track no matter what it takes will keep you going!

In addition to your regular workouts, during times like these- where regular outings and adventures are limited- the body and soul can always benefit from some extra movement - a walk or jog around the neighborhood, or some light stretching. Just remember to listen to your body, take little breaks here and there to indulge in the exercise you need.


3. Building a Successful Schedule

Before picking out your workouts, it’s important to determine your goal, and build a schedule accordingly. Depending on your goal, your at home workout schedule will differ. If you’re unsure where to start, check out this article that goes over what an ideal schedule will look like for weight loss, muscle building, or establishing overall fitness.

For some of us, our goals may have to slightly adjust. If you regularly rely on the gym for your cardio workouts, you may need to move your cardio outside for walking, jogging, or running. Even if it’s not your favorite way to get your cardio in, it gets the job done. Better yet it requires little initial investment. All you need is a supportive pair of shoes and a willing attitude to get outside and get moving. Another great option is a stepper, these cardio machines are small but mighty, and trust me it’s surprising how great of a workout you can get with one of these bad boys.

If your goal is building muscle, unless you have a sweet home gym set up, it’s time to get creative. Even if your body is used to lifting heavier, it is possible to challenge your body with bodyweight or lighter weight exercises that present a new challenge for your muscles. For example, pistol squats are incredibly difficult and take a great deal of coordination, balance and skill. Handstands also require an incredible amount of stability and muscular control. These movements might be too difficult for you, they might be too easy for you - either way you get the point: challenge yourself to practice a new skill. Set a challenge for a few things you’d like to accomplish by May, and make it happen!

This would also be an incredible time to focus on improving your exercise form. In addition, keep completing regular workouts with bodyweight, dumbbells or whatever you can find to keep up a general base of fitness!


4. Choosing Workouts

Below you’ll find a variety of workouts available for free on the SHF YouTube channel! I’ve included a selection depending on what you might have at home from no equipment, to dumbbells, to cardio equipment. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, head to our YouTube channel - we have a little bit of everything, and are adding new workouts every day!


Bodyweight Workouts

Advanced Core Circuit


10 Minute Lower Ab Workout


5 Minute Study Break Workout


At Home Full Body Circuit


At Home Core Workout for Beginners


Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbell Circuit Training Workout


Upper Body Dumbbell Strength


Full Body Dumbbell Workout


Lower Body Dumbbell Strength Workout


Lower Body Dumbbell & Kettlebell Circuit


Full Body Dumbbell Circuit for Fat Loss


Cardio Workouts


5. Tune in to Your Body

At the end of the day, life during the quarantine is so different from what many of us are used to. There are a variety of new pressures and stresses in our daily lives. While it is completely possible to stay on track and see fitness progress at home, there’s something to be said about honoring what you need in the circumstances we’re in. If you’re feeling unmotivated and fitness is just not a priority for you right now, I think it’s completely valid to respect that. You know better than anyone when it’s time for you to slow down and take a step back. Honor yourself over all else!

Check out our latest podcast episode where Matt and I discuss how the quarantine has affected our workout schedules, and more tips for staying on track!



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