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The COVID-19 pandemic has cause many to spend unusual amounts of time within their home.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has cause many to spend unusual amounts of time within their home. While staying home can reduce the risk of catching an illness from others outside your home, there may be other things in your home that could be effecting your health in other ways. If you find yourself looking for way to improve your health, creating a healthy home may be one option to consider. In this article I will present several ways you can create a home that can promote good health.


1. Increase Natural Light Exposure

Natural light has health promoting benefits. Two of these benefits can directly influence the strength of your immune system. When you expose yourself to natural light in the morning, you help set your circadian rhythm which helps create a healthy sleep cycle. This will help you maintain a more consistent sleep routine that can improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get each night. Quality consistent sleep has been shown to help improve immune system strength. A second way that natural light can help keep you healthy, is through boosting your immune system. When you expose your skin to natural light, your body creates vitamin D which is an important nutrient that helps boost your immune system. Your home can boost your health by simply finding time to enjoy direct sunlight through one of your windows in the morning.


2. Leave Your Shoes At The Door

A simple way to help create a healthier home instantly, is to not wear shoes in your house. If you can’t leave your shoes outside your door, create a designated space for your shoes so the viruses and bacteria spread throughout your living space is reduced. You wouldn’t tread mud and dirt through your home. The spread of germs works the same way, the only difference is you can’t see them.


3. Clean Green

Very powerful chemicals exist that can eliminated disease spreading germs. While cleaning and disinfecting your home is a important process to perform regularly, you may be putting yourself at risk of becoming ill if you are exposed to too many toxic chemicals that exist in many cleaning products. If you are concerned about chemicals in your cleaning products, there are other solutions you can use for general cleaning around the house. Vinegar and water is just one solution that has be studied to be effective at killing viruses that cause the flu.


4. Dust And Clutter

Another common irritant can come from dust and allergens that build up over time. Often we miss the dusty areas in our home until it has built up to a noticeable level. Dust build up can cause breathing issues if left unresolved. The more surfaces that are left undisturbed, the more surface area dust could potentially accumulate. To help avoid dust accumulation you should perform weekly dusting in the areas where dust can settle. Reducing clutter can help lower the amount of dust accumulation and make your home feel less cramped.


5. Bring The Gym Home!

Exercise is one of the best ways to give your immune system a boost. Once your home is clean and organized, spend some time to find a space were you can get a workout in. Learn how to maximize your how gym space by checking out our home gym design factor article. You can find a variety of great space saving fitness equipment by visiting If you aren’t ready to make a purchase, you can access free body weight training workouts by subscribing to our YouTube channel!


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