Meet Sunny Fitness Trainer Alex Horlbogen

Alex joins the Sunny Health and Fitness family with a wide array of experiences in the health, fitness, and wellness space.

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Meet Sunny Fitness Trainer Alex Horlbogen

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Alex joins the Sunny Health and Fitness family with a wide array of experiences in the health, fitness, and wellness space.

He was born in a small town in the ocean state, Rhode Island, where he found his affinity for the coastal lifestyle. Growing up with an older brother gave Alex a training partner for all the sports they played together. This friendly sibling rivalry cultivated his competitive spirit, which fueled his athletic career in basketball and volleyball. His athletic career ended when college hit, but his love for sports and the science that goes with it didn't.

Alex attended Hofstra University in New York, where he studied Exercise Science. Starting in his third year, he found his footing with the sport performance staff and was involved in a 3-semester internship working with the athletic teams on campus.

The college athletics environment is unlike any other, which motivated Alex to continue his education at the Masters's level and work experience at Salisbury University, where he studied Applied Health Physiology. He worked as a graduate assistant with the athletes on campus in the weight room and on the field to improve their athletic performance.

After college, Alex packed up his Nissan Cube to the brim, and he and his girlfriend traveled 3,000 miles across the country and moved to lovely San Diego, CA, to work in commercial and corporate fitness. During his three years spent in San Diego, Alex learned how to properly instruct, program, and motivate clients and group fitness students.

He quickly learned personal training is so much more than instructing clients to exercise. Finding the motivations and drives of clients to help them achieve their wellness goals is the foundation for any successful intervention. In early 2020, he moved to Los Angeles to continue finding ways to help people in their wellness journey other than personal and small group training.

Alex is now motivated to scale his knowledge and experience to influence and help more people. The world has seen accelerated trends and disruptions across many industries, with fitness at the forefront.

People everywhere are looking for a multitude of ways to stay healthy and active. Alex is thrilled to be a part of a team at the forefront of facilitating in-home fitness and changing the way we stay healthy. He hopes to be a fantastic resource for the Sunny community and provide engaging stories, workouts, and motivation for your fitness journey.


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