Meet Sunny Fitness Trainer Sydney Bueckert

Sydney grew up in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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Meet Sunny Fitness Trainer Sydney Bueckert

About Trainer

Sunny in-house trainer Sydney is cycling Sydney grew up in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Her fitness passion sparked at a young age with participation in a variety of sports, from dance to soccer, basketball and volleyball. But it wasn’t until she joined an elite level track & field club that Sydney’s interest in human performance really took hold. As a young athlete, Sydney was surrounded by role models - older, elite athletes who had their sights set on the Olympics. Inspired by her surroundings, she learned to constantly push herself harder, and dream bigger. Tired of the rain, Sydney signed on as a collegiate track & field athlete at Azusa Pacific University in sunny So-Cal. She studied Kinesiology and Business Management while partnering with a local start-up fitness app company to host fitness challenges for the APU faculty and staff as well as coaching high school track & field for fun. Sydney’s number one priority is to help people not only reach their goals but enjoy the process along the way. She hopes to share her passion with others by proving to them that they are always capable of more than they think they are, and that fitness can and should be fun!


Sydney's Favorite Workout

As a personal trainer, I love movement and exercise in all its forms. So, narrowing down my all-time favorite workout is not easy. Ask me my favorite workout on any given day of the week and my answer will constantly be different. I believe a solid routine includes a variety of activities that we find fun, engaging, and challenging.

Often my workouts fluctuate based on my mood and needs, as they should. If I’m in need of recovery, yoga and light cardio are my go-to’s. If I’m looking to push my body, full body HIIT or circuit training with lots of compound exercises, or heavy weight training are favorites. If I’m feeling like some social interaction, you can find me playing a game of tennis, hitting the local trails for a hike, or going on a casual bike ride around town with a friend.

All that to say, the workout I’ve chosen for my favorite workout today is this At Home Full Body Workout. This full body workout is one that I find myself continuing to come back to and have used in my training for years. It’s extremely versatile so whether I’m using a hotel gym, in my own home, or at the gym I find I can make some variation of this full body workout work with what I have on hand. It’s also challenging and engaging - working your strength and cardiovascular system all in one go. I love a good challenge, and always feel like I’m on top of the world after completing a full body workout just like this one.

This at home full body workout is designed to target muscles in your entire body while burning a crazy number of calories. For this workout you’ll need a pair of dumbbells (I'm using 5lb weights), and a cardio machine of your choice whether that be rower, treadmill, cycle bike, or if you don’t have a cardio machine in your home feel free to do high knees or jumping jacks during the cardio period. In this video I’m using the E3919 Premium Cardio Climber, which is one of my favorite Sunny Health & Fitness machines!


Check out the video and workout breakdown below for more details.


At Home Full Body Workout Details


  • Always complete a warmup before high intensity training! Complete at least 5 minutes of your cardio of choice to increase your core body temperature and prepare your muscles for the work they’re about to do.



  • Complete a series of exercises, followed by a 15-calorie or 90-second sprint (whichever comes first). Repeat the circuit 10 total times, starting with 10 reps per exercise and decreasing rep count by 1 each round. See example below.



  • Weighted Squat & Press
  • Frog Jumps
  • T Pushups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Hip Dips (each side)
  • Weighted Back Lunges
  • 90-second or 15-calorie recovery cardio of choice (whichever comes first)
  • Repeat!


Round 1

  • 10 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 2

  • 9 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 3

  • 8 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 4

  • 7 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 5

  • 6 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 6

  • 5 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 7

  • 4 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 8

  • 3 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 9

  • 2 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio

Round 10

  • 1 reps of each exercise, 90-second/15-calorie cardio


This full body workout is incredibly challenging. Your body should feel tossed after completing this circuit. My recommendation? Do what you can. If you’re a beginner, modify the exercises if needed. If you’re pressed for time, or the complete workout is too difficult, complete the first 3-4 rounds of the circuit. I’ve done half-versions of this workout often and it still produces incredible results! Bottomline, do what works best for your timetable and fitness level.

I hope you guys enjoy this full body workout. Have fun and let me know how you like it!


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That’s cool you went to APU. I used to live in Glendora in 2018-19, not far from APU. Taco King was one of my favorite places to eat, open 24/7. I miss living there. I’m back up here in the Bay area now; watching your workout videos has been good lately. Thanks.