Check Out Our Instagram Stories

Check Out Our Instagram Stories

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest on Sunny Health & Fitness Instagram, we’ve been posting some pretty inspiring workout programs and videos on our Stories!

Each week we’ve made it out goal to publish a full workout program on Instagram. Each program is designed with specific equipment, level, and goal in mind to help each of you achieve your fitness dreams! For example, the different kinds of videos you could expect to see include an introduction video, instructional video going over how to set up a product or the proper exercise form, as well as 3 to 4 workouts for each program.

If you happen to miss a workout, and are still interested in the program, no worries - we got you! Each workout video is saved to our Stories highlights so you can find workouts when you need it. And for your convenience we’re also posting each of these workouts both to our website and on YouTube so you can not only access them whenever you want, but you can also enjoy a follow-along version of your favorite workouts with timers and repetition counters!

So far, we’ve focused in on different steppers during September for our STEPtember series. Steppers we’ve used have included the No. 068 Twisting Stair Stepper Step Machine with Resistance Bands, SF-S1402 Dual Action Swivel Stepper, No. 039 Aerobic Step, No. 049 Deluxe Aerobic Step. Our mini stepper with resistance bands and aerobic step programs were particularly popular.

In October we’ve jumped back to cycle bikes as we constantly receive requests for more cycle bike workouts. These programs have included a Circuit Training Cycle Bike Program, Flexibility & Core for Cyclists Program, Foundational Strength for Cyclists Program, and finally Cardio Mania for Cyclists which is coming out this week! For this program we’ve used a combination of our cycle bikes as these workouts can really be achieved with any cycling equipment that you have.

A few of our standout bikes from these programs are the Asuna 6100 Sprinter Cycle Bike which has a great performance monitor to take your cycle workouts to the next level, SF-B901 Pro Chain Drive Indoor Cycle Bike which will give a real outdoor bike experience to your indoor workout, and finally in support of breast cancer awareness month, the P8150 Pink Belt Drive Premium Cycle Bike which is not only cute but also a great bike with a smooth ride.

If you’re interested in finding our workout programs, follow along with our daily Instagram Stories, or check out our website or YouTube where we post these workouts for your convenience! If there are any workout programs for specific products that you’d like to see, message us on Instagram! Matt and I would be happy to put a program together for you.

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