Turn Your Workout Routines into Fun Habits with the SunnyFit® App

There are so many ways to turn your relationship with fitness into a fun yet everlasting one! Monotony is the enemy and if you need to spruce up your workout routine, try gamifying it with the SunnyFit® App!.

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Turn Your Workout Routines into Fun Habits with the SunnyFit® App

We all know exercise is good for us, so why is it so hard to find the motivation to work out sometimes? 

Exercise can help boost your mood, heart health, and brain health, build muscle, and even help you maintain a healthy weight. What more motivation could you need?

Even as a fitness instructor, I’m still human and I understand the struggle all too well. While the benefits of fitness are many, your busy schedule and many excuses can keep you from being the person you want to be. 

If you’re tired of making excuses and ready to turn your workout routine into a long-term habit, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll give you the tips and tools you need to start building a fitness habit today.


How to Make Your Workout Routine a Habit


1. Set Realistic Goals 

When setting goals, it’s easy to get carried away with drastic measures and lofty aspirations. While it’s not bad to dream big, it’s important to make your goals realistic. Once you achieve them, you can always add on more later. 

So, set some goals you can keep. It will make accomplishing them possible, and it will help you build the consistency you’re looking for to build a habit! 


2. Keep it Fun 

When you enjoy your workout, it’s positive reinforcement that will leave you wanting more. Therefore, when you consider your workout routine, one of the most important considerations you can make is you. 

What do you like? What sounds fun to you? What excites you? Pick that and run with it! 


3. Make it Convenient 

If it’s not convenient you won’t do it. Exercise will become a habit when it easily fits into your regular schedule. So, make it easy! 

If you’re naturally up early, go for a walk, or hop on your bike and get a ride in the morning. If you have more energy at night, keep some weights nearby so you can work on your strength while watching the TV, or throw together an instant pot dinner and get your workout in while the instant pot is doing its magic. 


4. Put it On Your Calendar 

If you don’t set a date, it’s easy to let life pass you by before taking a single stride towards your goals. Why do you think most people fall off their New Year's resolutions in the first few months of the year? 

Mark your calendar. When you set a date with yourself, you have a chance to prove to yourself that you can make true to the promises you set for yourself, and in turn, build your self-confidence. 


5. Forget the ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality  

Give yourself grace. We’re all human. If you miss a workout, brush off the dust and pick it back up the next day. It’s important to remind yourself that every day is a new opportunity to do something positive for your health. 

Why let one missed workout ruin your attitude and adherence to tomorrow's workout? Stay on the path and stay consistent, and you will see results. 



Gamify Your Workout Routine with the Training Plan Feature on the Sunny Fit App

As you begin to put the above tips together to create a habit out of your workout routine, you’ll find yourself excited and addicted to taking care of yourself. 

If you’re struggling to connect some of the dots on your own, the ‘Training Plan’ feature on the new Sunny app has everything you need to set your workout goals and stick to them! 

Once you’ve created your training plan, you’ll have access to a calendar and be able to see how many days, workouts, and calories you’ve contributed to your plan.

If you’ve had trouble setting a goal and sticking to it in the past, why not use gamification to help you make a commitment and honor it.   


How to Set Up Your Training Plan on the Sunny Fit App

Interested in how to set up your first training plan in the Sunny Fit app? It’s easy! Simply follow the steps below:  

  1. First, download and create your account on the Sunny Fit app. 
  2. Next, head to the ‘Home’ screen, scroll down to ‘Training Plan’, and tap ‘Get Started’. 
  3. Once on the ‘Workout Plan’ page, feel free to explore. If you’d like to create your own training plan, select ‘Target Customize’ to create the plan. 
  4. Select the intensity level you want to commit to. We have options for beginner, intermediate and advanced. 
  5. Next, it’ll ask you if you’ll be using equipment as a part of this plan. Select ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it’ll go into more detail on the next page. 
  6. From here, you can name your plan, choose your equipment, set the duration in weeks, as well as select the days during the week you want to train, and a calorie burn target for each session. 
  7. Once all your parameters have been set, tap on next to finish the plan. You’re ready to work out! 


How to Use Your Training Plan on the Sunny Fit App 

Once you’re all set up, here’s how to access your training plan to keep track of your progress towards your goals. 

  1. Once you’ve finished your plan, you can access it from the same ‘Training Plan’ area on the ‘Home’ screen, or from the ‘Me’ profile page under ‘My Plan’. 
  2. Select workout videos in the app, or workout in ‘free mode’ to complete your workouts and accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 
  3. When you tap on your plan, you’ll be able to track how many days you have left in your plan, your workout calendar, as well as the total calories burnt throughout your plan. 


    In Closing 

    There are many tips and tools to help you on your journey to turn your workout routine into a fun habit! If you’ve tried time and time again to make a habit out of fitness and continue to come up short, give the Sunny Fit app a try. The training plan feature can help you keep track of your progress and add some gamification to your routine along the way. 

    Starting a new workout routine is a very exciting place to be. So, soak it all in and enjoy this journey. The positive energy will only help motivate you to keep making progress and moving towards your goal, putting you one step closer to a better you. 


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