Adjusting Your Sunny Cycle Bike

Adjusting Your Sunny Cycle Bike

Adjusting your indoor cycling bike is essential for riding safely and efficiently while keeping proper form. You will need to adjust your seat’s height, length and handlebar height. If you haven’t adjusted your bike or just want to make sure the bike is properly adjusted, follow our short guide! The bike being demonstrated in the guide is the SF-B901. It is okay if you don’t own this exact model, or even own a different bike, because the idea is the same throughout all bikes. 

1) First, Adjust the height of your seat so it aligns with the start of your hip.

TIP* - Make sure to pay attention to the height of your bike to make sure your body will fit accordingly. Some bikes are designed smaller or taller. 

2) You can align you hip to the top of the seat to make sure your height is adjusted as best as possible.

3) Next, use your elbow to measure the distance from the seat to your handlebars.

4) Adjust the length of the seat forward so your elbow touches the seat and the tips of your fingers reach the handlebar post.

5) As you can see, the models elbows and fingers are now aligned; however, her arm is reaching at a slant. 

6) Adjust the height of your handlebars to ensure you’re your arm will lay flat from your seat to the handlebar. Some bikes allow you to adjust the length of your handlebars forward and backward. Use these features to ensure maximum comfort.

7) Here is an example of the final adjustment so the models arms are parallel with the seat and handlebars.

Great job! You have successfully adjusted your indoor cycling bike to fit your body. Have fun!

What’s your inseam?

Before you buy a bike, you will need to know your inseam. Inseam is the measurement from the start of your leg to the middle of your foot. At Sunny Health and Fitness, we record the minimum and maximum inseam levels on each of our bikes. This way, our customers can find a bike that will fit their inseam. Some bikes, like the SF-B1714 Evolution Pro can adjust for people as short as 5”2 to taller individuals at 6”2. This is important to note, in case you are looking to share your indoor cycling bike with your spouse, family members, or friends.


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