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Whether you’re back to the office, or still working from home, it’s important to keep your activity levels in check.

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Whether you’re back to the office, or still working from home, it’s important to keep your activity levels in check. Long days working make it so easy to slip into a sedentary routine. Regular exercise is important to maintain good health, but it also provides plenty of bonus benefits like boosting your mood and helping control your weight by burning calories. Having deskercise equipment can give you an opportunity to improve your health without the need to take a break from work.

Below, I’ve listed my top recommendations for in-office exercise equipment. Of the below products, you’ll be able to find items that fit both under a desk, have a built-in desk, or would work well with a standing desk, as well as any accessories you may need to take your workplace workout to the next level.


Under Desk Exercise Equipment

1. SF-B0891 Under Desk Magnetic Cycle Bike

This under desk magnetic cycle bike is the perfect way to stay active at the office. This compact machine can be used both for pedaling with your feet or hands for a full body workout experience. Easily move this compact machine from room to room and out of the way with its lightweight frame. Use it under your desk, on the sofa, or in your favorite chair - this under desk magnetic cycle bike is perfect for use while working at the office or at home.


2. SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

The Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike is perfect for your next office purchase! The compact design of this machine takes up little to no space, and its light design makes it easy to move around and out of the way when not in use. This machine can be used to target both lower and upper body for a great full body exercise machine to keep you active without missing a beat.


3. SF-E3872 Under Desk Elliptical

This under desk elliptical is a great way to beat a sedentary lifestyle! Its compact size makes it perfect for fitting under a desk, so you can pedal as you work! The large, elliptical pedals make pedaling even more comfortable. Challenge your fitness and muscular endurance with 8 levels of magnetic resistance, for varying workout intensities to fit all of your needs.


4. SF-E3908 Portable Stand Up Elliptical

This mini elliptical is great for those who prefer the flexibility of working out while seated or standing! Mix up your workout when you pedal forwards or backwards, standing or seated to test your balance, develop your lower body, and improve yourself in a brand-new way. The large elliptical pedals are wide enough to feel fully supported while standing. Its compact design makes it perfect for use under your desk, or while seated at a table or sofa.


5. SF-E3626 EZ Stride Motorized Auto-Assisted Under Desk Elliptical

This auto-assisted under desk elliptical is great for those needing a little assistance with their movement. Increase blood flow and mobility as you pedal on this under desk elliptical. With 3 speeds of low, medium, or high this is a form of exercise that incorporates knee and hip extension with very little impact. Its small frame will fit perfectly under your desk or in front of your favorite chair!


Built-in Desk Exercise Equipment

6. SF-RBD4703 Magnetic Recumbent Desk Exercise Bike

Sit back and pedal as you take Zoom calls, write reports, and send off those important emails with this magnetic recumbent desk exercise bike! This bike comes with a large, adjustable work surface so you can be most comfortable as you work. The cushioned, ergonomic seat is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible as you work.


7. 9700 Treadmill Workstation Desk

Why buy a desk and a treadmill when you could have a commercial grade treadmill built right into your desk? This treadmill is perfect for walking as you work and includes a desk space perfect for a work monitor or laptop. Take a break from your work, and run up to 7.5MPH, or engage in an intense climb or hike with up to 40 levels of incline. This treadmill takes the thinking out of your workout with built-in preset programs so you can focus on what’s most important - your work!


Standing Desk Exercise Equipment

8. SF-T7945 Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill

If you have limited space and are looking for a compact, quiet option for walking while using a standing desk, look no further! This treadmill is free of a console or big handlebars that might get in the way of your desk set-up. Its compact running deck design (39Lx14W) can fit in virtually any space. Easily begin your workout by using the convenient remote, which you can use to control your workout as you work! It can travel up to speeds of 3.75MPH and is specifically designed with walkers in mind.


9. SF-T7970 Treadpad® Flat Folding Treadmill with Premium Sound System

This treadmill is the perfect crossover to satisfy those wanting both under desk walking, as well as running capabilities. The compact running deck (39Lx14W) makes this treadmill perfect for apartments, or small offices. Easily roll this treadmill under your desk with the handlebars down to walk as you work or adjust the handlebars up to engage in a running workout! Begin your workout with the convenient remote which can be used to start and stop your workout or make quick changes to speed. Listen to podcasts or music by connecting to the built in Bluetooth speaker system.


10. NO.068 Twisting Stair Stepper Step Machine with Resistance Bands

If you’ve never tried a mini stepper, you’re in for a surprise - this compact machine packs a tough workout! One of these steppers would be great placed under a standing desk to add a little extra activity to your day. Engage muscles in your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads as you step on this stepper. Use the attachable resistance bands to work muscles in your upper body as you step.



11. NO. 021 Neoprene Dumbbell - Pair

No gym is complete without a pair of dumbbells! For your office setup, I’d recommend investing in a light pair of dumbbells. You can use dumbbells to complete an endless array of exercises. Get up from your desk for some weighted squats and lunges or stay in your chair and complete some upper body exercises!


12. NO. 042 Pilates Bands

Pilates bands are an extremely versatile form of resistance training, that you can easily take advantage of from your desk. While seated in your chair, simply secure Pilates bands below your feet for bicep curls or side raises, secure behind your seat and press forward for a chest press or secure the band around your upper legs and complete marches or side taps to strengthen your hips.


13. NO. 055 Anti-Burst Gym Ball

Our anti-burst gym ball is a great option for your office desk or home office. I have this exact gym ball under my desk in our Sunny office and sit on it from time to time rather than a traditional chair. Using a gym ball as a chair is a great way to improve balance and increase core stability. It can be a challenge to balance on the ball as you work, and you’ll have to turn your core on to help keep you stable. Challenge yourself by trying to march on the ball, or simply lean back to complete sit ups or oblique twists for a convenient core workout! I’d recommend selecting a size that will allow you to firmly place your feet on the ground. For me, at 5’8” the 65” ball is the perfect height for me to sit comfortably!


14. PLW-003B Pedometer Wristwatch

Keeping track of your fitness is a great way to make sure you’re staying on track with your health and fitness goals. It’s easy at work to forget how sedentary you are, but with a watch you’ll have proof of how well you’re doing for the day. Keep track of your steps with this pedometer wristwatch. Or if completing a more intense workout, use the heart rate feature to track your pulse!


15. SMW-004B Smart Fit Watch

If you’re looking for a more complete picture of your fitness the Smart Fit Watch is a great option. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation levels from the comfort of your desk. Use the workout feature to track your steps and calories or wear your watch while sleeping to analyze your quality sleep score. With the smart fit watch, your health is just a tap away!


No more excuses for being sedentary at the office! Make a small investment in your favorite in-office equipment, and your long-term health will thank you for it.


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