Can You Change the Pedals on Sunny Cycle Bikes?

Can You Change the Pedals on Sunny Cycle Bikes?

One of our most asked questions is: Can you change the pedals on Sunny cycle bikes? There are many reasons why you may want to swap out the pedals on your bike. You may be looking for an upgrade, such as pedals you can clip into with cleats, or perhaps a combination pedal to accommodate different users within your household. Whatever the reason, the answer is yes! You can switch out the pedals on your Sunny cycle bike.

Replacing Pedals on a Sunny Cycle Bike

With regular wear and tear on your bike, you may need a new pair of pedals after a few years. If you want a new pair of pedals that originally came with your bike, you can email our support team at to place an order.

Upgrading the Pedals on Your Sunny Cycle Bike

Many of our cycle bikes come with toe cages on the pedals, where you can slip any pair of training shoes into them and tighten the strap so secure your foot in place. If you regularly go to classes at a spin-studio or are a dedicated cyclist you may prefer a cycle bike with SPD-compatible pedals. If you have cycling shoes with a cleat, SPD-compatible pedals are great because you can clip your cycling shoes right in.

Regardless of what type of pedals your bike came with, you can upgrade your pedals to virtually any pedal of your preference whether that be SPD or Delta-compatible pedals, or a combination pedal. You can easily find variations of pedals for purchase online or at a sporting goods store to fit your preferences.

When purchasing new pedals, it’s important to find pedals that have the same thread size as your bikes’ original pedals. Most Sunny bikes have a pedal thread size of 9/16”. The exception to this is SF-B1203, SF-B1918, and P8100 which have a ½” thread size. If you’re unsure, you can find more information on threading in your bike’s user manual (also available online).

How to Replace Pedals

To replace your pedals, you’ll need a spanner and an adjustable wrench. Once you’ve removed the old pedals, put the new pedal at a 90-degree angle, apply pressure, and twist to tighten with the other hand.

For the right pedal, continue to screw the pedal bolt clockwise with the spanner. For the left pedal, screw the pedal bolt counterclockwise with the spanner.

Once fully attached, use the spanner to hold the pedal bolt in place, while using the adjustable wrench to attach the nylon nut. Make sure everything is nice and tight and you’re good to go!

Can You Change the Pedals on Sunny Cycle Bikes Infographic
Can You Change the Pedals on Sunny Cycle Bikes Infographic

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    I have a squeaking noise when I peddle. Why is this? What can I do to eliminate this noise?