Smart Exercise Equipment Purchasing Guide by Sunny Health & Fitness

Tired of the gym commute and crowds? Now with smart exercise equipment, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for on-demand classes with a fitness instructor, or a properly periodized fitness plan designed to yield results.

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Smart Exercise Equipment Purchasing Guide by Sunny Health & Fitness

Tired of the gym commute and crowds? Now with smart exercise equipment, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for on-demand classes with a fitness instructor, or a properly periodized fitness plan designed to yield results. Invest in smart exercise equipment, and say hello to the convenience, comfort, and flexibility of working out in your own home. 

From connected treadmills and bikes to rowers and elliptical machines, I’ve tested all of the new Sunny Health & Fitness smart exercise equipment and am here to provide my expert opinion on Sunny’s latest product spread. 


What is Smart Exercise Equipment? 

Smart or connected exercise equipment is fitness equipment that has the capability to Bluetooth connect to an external source, like an app or a watch that can give you more insight into how your body is responding to your workout. Smart exercise equipment will often track metrics like your calories, heart rate, time, speed, and more. 

The biggest benefit to smart equipment is that you’re able to not only get a good idea of how your body is performing while your workout is happening, but you can also reference it later so you can compare your progress over time. Anyone who trains consistently knows that having a view of your progress and any potential plateaus along the way will help you adjust your training to help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently. 


The New Smart Exercise Equipment by Sunny Health & Fitness  

So, what is the new smart equipment line by Sunny Health & Fitness? The entire line was designed to Bluetooth connect to the SunnyFit® app. One of the coolest features is that you can connect your fitness equipment to the SunnyFit® app to track your real-time stats during your workout. But beyond stats, the SunnyFit® app has a lot more to offer! 

The app is designed with 100’s on-demand workouts designed by world-class fitness instructors. If you’re feeling up for your adventure, travel through real-world maps and videos that will allow you to explore the world from the comfort of your living room. Connect with others in the community and share your journey. And, last but least, compete on the leaderboard and fight your way to the top!

You can use the SunnyFit® app without any equipment, but with Sunny’s smart equipment you’re able to connect your fitness equipment to the app to see real-time stats and track your progress throughout your journey. Below you’ll find my 10 favorite products in Sunny’s new smart line. 


Best Smart Exercise Equipment by Sunny Health & Fitness 

1) SF-B1877SMART Premium Indoor Smart Cycle Bike 

2) SF-B1805SMART Premium Indoor Smart Cycle Bike 

3) SF-RW5941SMART Dual Function Smart Rower 

4) SF-RW520007 Dynamic Air Smart Rowing Machine 

5) SF-RW520008 Air+ Magnetic Smart Rowing Machine 

6) SF-T7718SMART Folding Running Treadmill

7) SF-T7705SMART Smart Incline Treadmill 

8) SF-E322002 Essential Series Interactive Elliptical 

9) SF-E3912SMART Premium Smart Elliptical Machine 

10) SF-RB4850SMART Premium Smart Recumbent Bikes 


Best Smart Cycle Bikes 

SF-B1877SMART Premium Indoor Smart Cycle Bike 



If you’re on the search for a smooth, silent, and connected ride, look no further than the SF-B1877SMART. This bike combines a belt-drive system with magnetic resistance technology to make your ride quiet and consistent. The magnetic resistance will ensure you’re able to adjust each interval and each ride to you. The SF-B1877 offers a performance monitor to track your speed, time, distance, calories, RPM (cadence), and pulse. The wide, cushioned seat will ensure you stay comfortable even during your most challenging rides. If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, this bike has everything you could need to support you and more. 


SF-B1805SMART Premium Indoor Smart Cycle Bike



Say hello to one of Sunny’s most popular bikes: the SF-B1805. Although this fan-favorite bike has some major upgrades you’ll be happy to see in the new and improved smart edition. This heavy-duty steel frame bike was designed to support users up to 300LB and is ready for everything from high resistance climbs to all-out speed pushes. The multi-grip handlebars and dual caged/clip-in pedals allow you to spring into action! The 44-LB flywheel blends with the magnetic resistance, and belt-drive system to create a powerful, smooth, silent, state-of-the-art system that can be quickly adjusted between each interval and block of your ride. Maximize your indoor cycling routine with the SF-B1805SMART! 


Best Smart Rowing Machines 

SF-RW5941SMART Dual Function Smart Rower



Friends, if you’re looking for a rowing machine that can double up for some strength training, this compact rower will be the perfect addition to your home gym! Make the most with the footplates that allow you to complete upper body exercises, or strap into the rower and get moving as you push and pull against the magnetic resistance on this rowing machine. Having this unique multifunction exercise equipment at home that can benefit the entire body is a great way to stay in shape and healthy. 


SF-RW520007 Dynamic Air Smart Rowing Machine



Get into the rhythm with the SF-RW520007 Dynamic Air Smart Rowing Machine. What I love about this rower is the smooth fan resistance. If you’re familiar with different styles of rowing resistance (or if you’re not curious about the difference between magnetic, water, and fan or air), fan resistance rowing machines are the most popular for a reason. Fan resistance is dynamic, so essentially the harder you push the harder it will feel. Feel the rush and exhilarating intensity of each row by adding this machine to your home gym! 



SF-RW520008 Air+ Magnetic Smart Rowing Machine



If you’re interested in fan-based rowing but want the luxury of adjustable magnetic resistance, the SF-RW520008 Air+ Magnetic Rowing Machine is the best of both worlds. Enjoy the rush of progressive resistance with the fan resistance system or engage the magnetic resistance system by adjusting the level to make your workout harder or easier. Track all your metrics and engage with the SunnyFit® app, as you participate in a rigorous rowing experience from your sleek and sturdy rowing machine. 


Best Smart Treadmills 

SF-T7718SMART Folding Running Treadmill



This folding treadmill is one of my favorites simply because it can fold down and be rolled under a bed or low surface which makes it great for small spaces (shoutout to my apartment crew). Not only would this treadmill be great for an apartment or small home, but it could make an incredible addition to your office as well. Great for everything from walking to running, this treadmill goes up to speeds of 9MPH. The low-profile deck with the extra-wide shock absorption tread deck will keep you comfortable while you engage in your cardio routine indoors and out of the elements. Track your speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse, and steps - and check in on how you’re performing with the SunnyFit® app. 


SF-T7705SMART Smart Incline Treadmill



As a runner myself, the SF-T7705SMART might be my top choice out of the entire smart line. This treadmill not only offers speeds up to 9MPH but inclines up to 15 levels as well. The higher the incline, the more activation you see in your glutes and hamstrings; so, if you’re looking to give a little extra attention to those areas this treadmill is perfect for you. Soak in all your options, with not just full speed and incline, but quick buttons on the handrails and console to make swift changes to your workout easy and functional. Grab the pulse sensors to track your heart rate and connect to the SunnyFit® app to track your heart rate, speed, time, distance, steps, and more! Level up your running routine with the SF-T7705SMART Treadmill! 


Best Smart Ellipticals 

SF-E322002 Essential Series Interactive Elliptical 



The SF-E322002 may be small, but it certainly offers a mighty workout! If you’re looking for a compact option for getting into a regular cardio routine from home, this elliptical may just be the choice for you. Stride along with your favorite trainers and get an incredible full body workout as you engage both your upper body and lower body through intense pushes and easy recovery days. The footplates on this machine ensure that your workout is always low impact, protecting your joints too! The best thing about this machine? We have all the elliptical workouts you could need in the SunnyFit® app - when paired with the SF-E322002 you have a dynamite duo. 


SF-E3912SMART Premium Smart Elliptical Machine



Blend the elliptical workout you know and love with powerful Bluetooth technology, and you have an at-home workout experience that dreams are made of. This performance elliptical is designed with 16 levels of adjustable resistance to make your workout harder when you want it or easier when you need it. The pulse rate sensors will allow you to check your heart rate throughout your workout and stay right on track with your goals for each interval and session. Finally, 16 pre-programmed workouts and the endless library of workouts on the SunnyFit® app will help keep it interesting! 


Best Smart Recumbent Bikes

SF-RB4850SMART Premium Smart Recumbent Bikes 



Finally, the SF-RB4850SMART is perfect for our workout fans who love to keep their workout comfortable and functional. On this recumbent bike, you’ll get all the comforts you could want and more: the step-through design, mesh back, cushioned seat, and easily adjust lever. I could go on and on about what makes this recumbent bike awesome. What makes it truly special is it offers a one-of-its-kind workout experience on the SunnyFit® app. If you’re interested in increasing your fitness, and a recumbent bike is a direction you want to go, I couldn’t encourage you more to get an option where a live trainer will be there to help hold your hand through that process. 


In Closing

I can’t promise that connected fitness is going to change your life, but I can promise it’s changed mine. I feel more engaged, excited, and in tune with my fitness than ever before. Ready for change? It’s time to pair the SunnyFit® app with Sunny’s new smart fitness equipment. When you do, you’ll open a whole new world of fitness all available to you from the comfort and flexibility of your own home. 

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