Step Aerobics Benefits & 3 Workouts to Do at Home

Learn about the benefits of why you should add aerobic step workouts to your routine.

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Step Aerobics Benefits & 3 Workouts to Do at Home

Step Aerobic Benefits

Step aerobic workouts offer all of the incredible benefits of a high intensity cardio workout, with the added strength benefit of exercising on an incline to burn more calories, build strength, and improve coordination. Dive deeper into each benefit below.


Burn Calories

Step aerobics burns tons of calories, making it an ideal way to lose or maintain weight. The elevated step will help to increase your heart rate and challenge your legs as you step, helping you to burn even more calories!


Build Strength

Increase lean muscle mass in your lower body, upper body, and core. That’s right; you can work your full body on an aerobic step by using it to do lower body, upper body, and core exercises! Mix cardio aerobic step exercises in with challenging strength exercises on your steps like elevated back lunges, step squats, pushups, and mountain climbers for a fun way to get an incredible full body workout.


Improve Cardiovascularity

Health Aerobic step workouts are designed to provide an incredible cardiovascular workout to elevate your current level of cardiovascular fitness. The wide variety of exercises that can be done on an aerobic step will allow you to continue challenging your fitness over time as your fitness level increases.

Boost Your Mood

Ready to feel great and boost your confidence? Aerobic step workouts are the perfect workout for you. Research shows that exercise on an aerobic step can boost your mood and energy levels (1).


Improve Balance & Agility

Finally, step aerobics is an incredible way to boost your balance and agility. By adding a step into your workout, your body will have to fight for balance to keep you confident and stable through each step. Plus, adding more challenging step combos to your routine will increase your coordination and agility!


Aerobic Step Workouts

Ready to get started? Set up your workout space, and make sure you have a water bottle handy because it’s about to get sweaty! Get your step on with the 3 fun step aerobics workouts below designed for every level.

Step Up To Tighter Core & Glutes w/ This Cardio Step Workout


Tighten Intermediate Full Body Aerobic Step Workout


HIGH INTENSITY Advance Full Body Step Aerobic & Cardio Workout

Be sure to let us know in the comments how you enjoyed these aerobic step workouts! For more step aerobics workouts - be sure to check out our Step Aerobics Workout Playlist, and subscribe to the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss a thing.



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