Sunny Synergy vs Synergy Pro Comparison Guide

Learn about two fan-favorite Sunny cycle bikes - the Synergy and Synergy Pro.

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Sunny Synergy vs Synergy Pro Comparison Guide

Looking to add a stationary bike to your home gym but not sure which bike is right for you? In this comparison guide, you’ll learn about two fan-favorite Sunny Health & Fitness cycle bikes - the Sunny Synergy and Sunny Synergy Pro. Keep reading to learn more about the features that make each of these cycle bikes unique, and which is the best bike for you!


Synergy vs. Synergy Pro Feature Comparison

By design, the SF-B1879 Synergy and SF-B1851 Synergy Pro cycle bikes are packed with tons of great features - to not only make your workout at home comfortable, challenging, and effective; but also equip you to take your workout to the next level.

Regardless of which bike you choose, you’re in for an awesome workout. However, the Synergy Pro is designed with quite a few upgrades that may be worth it for you depending on your preferences. Keep reading for a detailed comparison of each of the key features for the Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes.


1. Weight Capacity

When choosing a cycle bike, it’s not only important to select a bike that has a high enough weight capacity to support you, but to keep in mind bikes with a heavier weight capacity are designed with more durable, sturdy construction.

The weight capacity for the Synergy bike is 275 LB, while the Synergy Pro has a max weight capacity of 300 LB. While both bikes offer a relatively high weight capacity, the Synergy Pro is going to be the most sturdy and durable choice.


2. Flywheel

Both the Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes are designed with exclusive innovative patented flywheel design, developed to produce more momentum and smoothness than standard flywheels.

When it comes to flywheel weight, above 30 LB is generally recommended for a smooth and momentous ride, but 40 LB and above is going to give you that studio cycle feel.

SF-B1879 Synergy Exercise Bike Flywheel

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Cycle Bike Flywheel

The Synergy flywheel comes in at 30 LB, while the Synergy Pro flywheel is 40 LB. Both bikes are going to offer an extremely smooth, momentous ride, but the Synergy Pro takes it to the next level as far as flywheel weight.


3. Drive Mechanism

The Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes are both equipped with a belt drive mechanism, which will make the ride on both of these bikes incredibly smooth and silent. The great thing about belt drive bikes is they’re perfect for shared spaces. They’re so quiet, and your workout won’t bother others in your home or even in the same room!


4. Resistance

Both Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes are designed with adjustable magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance, as opposed to contact resistance (such as felt or leather pad) or air resistance, is going to be the quietest and smoothest as the force applied doesn’t actually come into direct contact with the wheel.

Magnetic Resistance

Because the magnetic resistance is applied through a magnetic field and doesn’t make contact with the wheel, bikes with magnetic resistance require less maintenance - which makes them extremely convenient for at home cyclists.

Micro-Adjustable Resistance Knob

The resistance can be easily adjusted by turning the micro-adjustable resistance knob to the right or left to make your workout easier or harder. The knob makes it simple to make quick, convenient adjustments throughout your workout, and because it’s micro-adjustable, it’s easy to adjust the resistance to your fitness level.


5. Seat & Adjustability

Both bikes offer a performance seat with a longitudinal groove designed for pelvic pressure release while riding.

Performance Seat with Longitudinal Groove


The Synergy and the Synergy Pro also offer 4-way seat adjustability, which means the seat on these bikes can be adjusted both forward and back as well as up and down.

The major difference you’ll want to keep in mind is the inseam range. Before purchasing a bike, you always want to ensure your inseam fits within the inseam range of the bike for your comfort while cycling. While both bikes can be adjusted all 4 ways, they accommodate different inseam ranges.

The Synergy has an inseam range of 27”-37.5”, while the Synergy Pro has an inseam range of 29”-39.5”. That means the Synergy may better accommodate petite riders, and the Synergy Pro may be more suitable for taller riders. For anyone who falls in between, which will be the majority, either bike will be a great choice.


6. Handlebars & Adjustability

The handlebars included on the Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes are both multi-grip, designed to support sprints, climbs, and everything in between! They’re also both 2 way adjustable and can easily be adjusted up or down for alignment and comfort with your seat position. They also both include pulse grips to conveniently monitor your heart rate during workouts.

SF-B1879 Synergy Handlebars

The material of the handlebars on the Synergy bike is non-slip, has a nice grip to it, and is slightly padded for comfort.

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Handlebars

As opposed to the handlebars on the Synergy Pro, which are non-slip, sweat resistant, and heavy duty; they’re not padded like the Synergy handlebars and designed to be more sturdy and durable over time.


7. Pedals

The Synergy and Synergy Pro bikes do come with different pedals, which may be a deal breaker for some cyclists.

SF-B1879 Synergy Caged Pedals

The Synergy comes equipped with caged pedals, which are great for beginners or those who plan to use regular training shoes during their workout.

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Caged/SPD-compatible Pedals

The Synergy Pro comes equipped with dual SPD-compatible/caged pedals, which includes the option to cycle with regular training shoes, as well as clip in with SPD-compatible cycling shoes and cleats. This makes the Synergy Pro a better choice for those who are used to studio cycling classes or outdoor cycling, and want the ability to clip in during their ride.


8. Performance Monitor

Both bikes include a performance monitor; however, the Synergy Pro monitor is much more advanced.

The Synergy Pro monitor is quite a bit larger, so you can see a bigger picture of what’s happening during your workout all on one screen, whereas the Synergy monitor only displays one metric at a time.

SF-B1879 Synergy Performance Monitor

The Synergy monitor tracks your Speed (MPH), Distance(miles), Time, Calories, Cadence (RPM), Pulse, as well as a Scan feature that will set the monitor to continue cycling through each of the metrics as you’re working out.

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Performance Monitor

The Synergy Pro monitor tracks your Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Cadence (RPM), Average Cadence, Max Cadence, Distance (miles or km), Target Distance, Target Time, Race Mode, Calories, Time, Pulse.


9. Extra Features

Both bikes offer some additional features to make your at-home workout extremely comfortable.

This includes a device holder to hold either a phone or tablet to make watching workout videos during your workout seamless.

SF-B1879 Synergy Device Holder

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Device Holder

Each bike also includes a dumbbell holder, which is great for holding lightweight dumbbells up to 20 LBs. Having a pair of dumbbells close makes bootcamp or cardio-strength style classes extremely convenient, as you don’t even have to get off your bike to grab your dumbbells. While you may not take classes like these every day, they’re a fun way to mix up your regular routine.

Dumbbell Holder

Water Bottle Holder

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Transportation Wheels


Both bikes also include a water bottle holder making hydration throughout your workout a breeze. When you’re finished with your workout, if you’d like to move your bike from room to room or into storage - each bike is equipped with transportation wheels, as well as floor stabilizers.


Synergy vs. Synergy Pro Bike Comparison Chart

SF-B1879 Synergy Exercise Bike

SF-B1851 Synergy Pro Exercise Bike


Synergy Pro
Weight Capacity 275 LB 300 LB
Flywheel 30 LB 40 LB
Performance Seat Yes Yes
Seat Adjustability 4-Way 4-Way
Inseam Range 27”-37.5” 29”-39.5”
Handlebars Ergonomic, Non-Slip Heavy-Duty, Multi-Grip
Pulse Grips 2-Way 2-Way
Handlebar Adjustability 2-Way 2-Way
Pedals Caged Caged/SPD-compatible
Belt Drive Yes Yes
Magnetic Resistance Yes Yes
Micro-adjustable Tension Knob Yes Yes
Performance Monitor Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, RPM, Pulse, Scan Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Cadence, Average Cadence, Max Cadence, Distance (miles or km), Target Distance, Target Time, Race Mode, Calories, Time, Pulse
Device Holder Yes Yes
Dumbbell Holder Yes Yes
Water Bottle Holder Yes Yes
Transportation Wheels Yes Yes
Floor Stabilizers Yes Yes



Synergy vs. Synergy Pro: Which is Better for You?

As mentioned above, both of these bikes are packed with features, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to engage in a challenging, fun, and effective cycling routine. The choice all comes down to the features that matter for you.

For experienced cyclists or those looking for an upgrade to last, you may enjoy the comforts of the Synergy Pro over the Synergy. For example, the option to clip in while riding is a popular feature for seasoned cyclists, as well as the heavy-duty handlebars and flywheel designed for durability during your most intense workout sessions. The performance monitor is also going to provide much more detailed insight into your workout, which may help you push your workout performance to the next level and beyond.

If you’re a beginner cyclist or someone just looking to start your home gym, you may not need all of the bells and whistles that come with the Synergy Pro. While the Synergy lacks some upgraded features in comparison, it has everything you need to get a solid cycling workout in all from the comfort of your own home! The full adjustability, performance seat, multi-grip handlebars, and digital monitor will ensure your workouts are comfortable and effective for years to come.

Whichever cycle bike you choose, you’re going to love your new bike! Get ready for an incredible fitness journey, all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re still not sure which bike to pick, be sure to check out our other cycle bikes for more options.

To get started on your fitness journey with your new bike, be sure to check out our Cycling Workout Playlist and subscribe to the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss a thing.


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