How to Replace Your Gym Membership with A Home Gym

Every year, many people set health and fitness goals and try to figure out the best way to accomplish them.

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Home Gym VS. Gym Membership

Every year, many people set health and fitness goals and try to figure out the best way to accomplish them. If their goals require some form of exercise, there are really only three choices you could make: Go to the gym to complete your workouts; go to a gym or fitness facility to complete their workouts; or do workouts at your home or outdoor space. The two main differences between fitness facility workouts and home workouts are the in-person instruction and equipment available.

If you had the same instructor come to your home with the same equipment, you wouldn’t need to go to the gym. Obviously, it would be difficult and expensive to have your favorite instructors and equipment come to your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a very effective home gym to keep you moving towards your goals. There are also many other benefits to working out at home that you can’t find at the gym. Many people feel less self-conscious working out at home, which can help reduce the inconsistency of not going to the gym for fear of being judged. Working out at home also allows you to workout at a pace you are comfortable with without the pressure of trying to keep up with everyone else. Having a home gym also virtually eliminates the excuse of not having enough time to work out. The best part is you can get just as good results at home with the right equipment and workouts!


Replacing Your Gym with a Home Gym

There are two factors to consider when replacing your gym membership with a home gym. The first is the equipment, and the second is the instruction. Depending on your budget and space, you could potentially purchase your own home gym with the exact equipment you normally use for your workouts. As stated before, replacing the instruction will be difficult since most instructors and personal trainers cannot personally visit the many clients they serve through their weekly classes and coaching sessions. When looking to outfit your home gym with the equipment you normally use for your workouts, you will want to ensure that the equipment you buy will give you the same training effect. For example, if you take an indoor cycling class but know you can’t afford the commercial grade cycling bike, you may want to consider a lower priced cycling bike that can give you the same type of workout. Just like cardio cycling workouts, you can look to purchase home gym equipment for each type of workout you desire to achieve. Let’s look at two types of workouts and see how you can build your home gym to give you the same training effects as your gym equipment.


Cardio Workouts

No matter if you enjoy workouts on treadmills, cycling bikes, rowers, or ellipticals, you can bring home the same type of equipment to your home workout space. Depending on your budget, you should be able to find a great piece of cardio equipment that might be cheaper than paying for a gym membership you only use for a few weeks in January. Check out these great pieces of cardio equipment that can help you burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Treadmill, High Weight Capacity

Synergy Pro Magnetic Cycling Bike

Evo-Fit Stationary Upright Bike

Stationary Recumbent Bike

Carbon Premium Air Magnetic Rower

Premium Cardio Climber


Strength Training Workouts

If you head to the gym with the goal to lift some iron, you need to consider the equipment you use most often to add to your home gym. Unlike cardio equipment that can give you a great workout in a smaller amount of space, lifting barbells and dumbbells can call for a larger amount of space to utilize safely. Investing in multiple pieces of heavy equipment like dumbbells, racks, benches, and bars can get costly. If you have the space for a rack, you will most likely be able to accomplish most strength training and muscle building movements with ease. If you are more limited on space, start with a set or two of dumbbell, kettlebells, and a bench. If your tight on cash, a gym ball can substitute as a supportive surface for dumbbell exercises while giving you the ability to complete a variety of core and stability movements.


Strength Package

Power Zone
Strength Rack

86" Olympic Bar Weights 1500lbs Capacity

Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty Bench

Shark Clamp Barbell Lock Collars


Compact Resistance Training

Vinyl Coated Kettle Bells

Doorway Chin Up Bar

Toning Tube

Anti-Burst Gym Ball w/ Pump


Specialty Workouts

Flexibility training, step aerobics, trampoline exercise, or bodyweight training can all be brought to your home workout space with different pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment are also on the smaller size and are more cost effective. Check out a few of these great specialty products to add to your new home training program.


Exercise Mats

Tri-Folding Exercise Gymnastics Mat

Yoga Mat Extra Wide and Length



Bodyweight Training


Foam Plyo

Speed Cable Jump Rope

Exercise Trampoline Rebounder

Deluxe Aerobic


Workout Instruction

Having the right equipment to reach your goals is critical to your success. Having the right instruction when using your equipment can be just as important. If you have enough experience and motivation to plan and execute your own workouts, then finding proper instruction might not be necessary for you to see progress with your health and fitness routine. If you are someone who needs extra guidance or instruction on what workouts to do with the products you have, then following a workout online will be of great value. Not only will you get some instruction on how to use your product effectively, you will be shown how to properly execute each movement during the workout. The best part of having online workouts available for your product is that you can come back to them any time you like! We have a large group of instructor-led workouts on our YouTube channel with many of our popular products.


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