Body Transformation: Introducing SunnyFit® Snaps: Before & After

The new feature, SunnyFit® Snaps, makes creating and sharing your fitness transformation easy and stress-free.

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Body Transformation: Introducing SunnyFit® Snaps: Before & After

Witnessing someone’s body transformation is inspirational. Body transformations are a clear representation of consistency and hard effort despite all obstacles. Documenting your fitness journey and forming a clear narrative for your body transformation can be a lot of work and intimidating at first.

The good news is that the SunnyFit® app makes it easy for you to track your fitness progress and measure your goals over time. The new feature, SunnyFit® Snaps, makes capturing, documenting, and sharing your fitness transformation easy and stress-free.

Feeling a little hesitant to get started? Here are 5 benefits of documenting your body transformation:


1. Accountability with Yourself

By showing up for yourself daily, you’ll begin to learn healthy habits to stay consistent. A simple strategy is to have a notebook or the notes app on your phone to plan your workouts. A simple practice of writing your exercises down and using the SunnyFit® app to track your health metrics not only keeps you organized, but it will also help build momentum daily. You’ll learn to be more consistent with your training by having a plan of action.


2. Progression

How do you know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’ve already been? With no set program and no process in place to keep record of your milestones, it’s easy to hit a plateau and become stagnate. You need to look back at what you’ve done in order to know the direction and any adjustments you need to make to achieve your goal.


3. Identify and Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

By keeping a visual record of your fitness journey, you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, you can work on putting your weaknesses on display so that you can turn them into strengths. Tracking your fitness journey is honestly a vulnerable aspect for some people but if you keep doing it, you will find a new appreciation for your body and your story.


4. Build Motivation

Use your progress as a motivation. Tangible results can fuel you to keep going, you’ll be hungry for more! Use your past self to motivate your present self to become a better version of yourself. Recording your fitness journey is a like a personal diary, you can find deep intrinsic motivation, and this will lead to a positive behavior change encouraging continued training and goal setting.


5. Find Deep Gratitude

Finding appreciation for how far you’ve come allows you to see the bigger picture for not just your story but with other people. By documenting your fitness transformation, you will be able to identify the moments in your story where you made improvements and overcame mental, emotional, or physical obstacles. And with this newfound appreciation, gratitude will help you empathize with other people and their journey and possibly be a positive fitness influence for those around you.


Steps to Use Sunnyfit Snaps: Before & After Here.

  1. Go to the SunnyFit Snaps Tool by tapping on the camera icon on the top right corner.
  2. Tap “Add Photo” to activate your camera a take a selfie or upload photos from your library.
  3. Tap on the share button on the top right to start creating the “Before & After” collage.
  4. Tap the “+” button on the “Before” and “After” sections to insert the appropriate photos.
  5. Tap “Post Now” when the collage is created then tap “Post to SunnyFit App.”
  6. Create the post and add “#MyJourney” in the "Add a topic" section to categorize your post.


SunnyFit Snaps Infographic

SunnyFit Snaps Infographic


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