Synergy Pro Monitor Guide - SF-B1851 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Learn how to use the Synergy Pro Bike SF-B1851 performance monitor to follow trainer workouts, set up goals for your ride, and race to improve your results.

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Synergy Pro Monitor Guide - SF-B1851 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Fitness professionals love to say things like "If you're not tracking, you're guessing." or "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." While I generally don't love all-encompassing statements, this sentiment is something I echo with my clients and recommend for anyone looking to make a change.

Welcome to the Synergy Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1851 by Sunny Health & Fitness. The Synergy Pro bike is one of the most advanced Sunny indoor exercise bikes. Use the performance monitor to follow trainer workouts, set up goals for your ride, and race to improve your results.


Performance Monitor Features

What makes this bike so unique is its performance monitor located front and center on the handlebars. The monitor allows you to track six different performance indicators.

  1. Speed (miles/hr OR km/hr)
  2. Distance (miles or KM)
  3. Time (00:00)
  4. Cadence (RPM)
  5. Calories
  6. Heart Rate

Track as many variables as you desire to get the most out of your Sunny Bike. Here are several great ways to use the performance monitor for more effective workouts.


Follow Workouts

1. Utilize the device holder to follow along your favorite workout with Sunny trainers

Our Sunny Fitness YouTube channel offers 30 and counting; guided cycle bike workouts to stream on-demand from your smartphone or tablet. Follow along with the coach as they instruct what your cadence, speed, and resistance should be. It is common to change these variables often throughout the workout to change the intensity.

Riding on a flat road will call for a higher cadence and lower resistance versus riding uphill, which calls for a lower cadence and higher resistance. Whenever you change your cadence, see that shift right in front of you at the top of the monitor.


Set Goals for the Ride

2. Time, cadence, distance, and calories

Have a predetermined goal for yourself? Utilize the "Set" feature to predetermine how far, how long, how fast, and how many calories you want to burn. Set as many as you like to maximize your time on the bike.

Use this feature on the Sunny Synergy Pro Magnetic Bike to allow you to

  • Challenge yourself to maintain a specific cadence for the duration of your ride
  • See how long it takes to burn a particular number of calories, repeat weekly or biweekly to measure progress.
  • Push past your limits by seeing how many calories you can burn by a certain distance.
  • Set all four variables for the ultimate workout. Record the workout stats and see how you can improve. Can you go further in the same distance? Can you pedal at a higher cadence for longer?

The possibilities are endless to challenge your body appropriately. I can't emphasize enough the importance to record and track your workouts. What gets measured will get improved!


Race Mode

3. Race against the clock to the finish line

A third way to use the performance monitor for a more effective workout is the Race Mode feature. Just time and distance are preset in this mode, and you are racing against the clock to the finish line. Set how far you want to bike and in how long.


30 minutes to bike 5 miles.

The clock will count down from 30 minutes, and the odometer will count up to 5 miles.

Race Mode is the ultimate challenge, you against the clock. This feature is great for competition. Compete against your friends and family to see who can finish before the clock is up. Who doesn't love some friendly competition?

Friendly competition not for you? Compete against yourself and see how your fitness is improving. Start by setting a time and distance you know you can complete. Let's use the same 30 minutes for biking 5 miles.

After one month of training and using the bike, try to ride the same distance in a shorter time, say 28 minutes. If this second Race ride goes well, you know your training is working, and you are getting stronger. I recommend using the Race Mode feature as a way to check in with yourself every 4-8 weeks to measure your progress.

This Sunny Fitness Cycle Bike Synergy Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike performance monitor can measure six variables to take your workouts to a new level. While I have discussed the importance of using the different performance indicators in various ways to track your workouts to see progress, don't let the numbers control you.


4. Listen to your Body

My colleague Sydney talks about the importance of intuitive fitness, meaning doing what feels right at the moment. When you feel like you can push yourself, go for it! When you need a slower-paced workout because of a stressful day, listen to the warning signs your body is sending you. Either way, the metrics will help you achieve more effective workouts leading to better results!

Always remember to track and record your metrics to watch your progress; and the Synergy Pro bike performance monitor will do the perfect job for you. Happy riding Sunny Family!


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