3 Under Desk Treadmills Perfect for Your Work From Home Lifestyle

Understandably, finding time for exercise with a busy work schedule can be difficult, which is why our Under Desk Treadmills come in handy to provide a solution for getting your steps in.

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3 Under Desk Treadmills Perfect for Your Work From Home Lifestyle

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, workers all around the world traded their cubicles for couches, kitchen tables, and even bedrooms. Three years later it seems that, for many businesses, working from home is here to stay. But how does that affect overall sedentary behaviors and physical activity levels? One Stanford study observed that a work-from-home set-up was associated with 2 more hours of sitting per day than a traditional office job.(1) Sedentary behaviors such as this have long been linked to increased risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and muscular pain (just to name a few), making the need for movement even more important for those who work from the comfort of their homes. (2)

So, what is the answer? As no surprise, exercise and physical activity are key to fighting the negative health effects that accompany long periods of sitting. But more than just getting your daily sweat session in, being physically active throughout your day appears to have a major influence on overall health as well. Interrupting periods of prolonged sitting are linked to improved insulin sensitivity and better blood pressure control, simply by breaking up the extended amounts of time dedicated to sitting. (3)

Understandably, it can be difficult to make time in your busy work schedule to step away from your computer to get some steps in. That’s where under desk treadmills come in! These versatile machines have a small footprint and are therefore great for compact spaces, making it easy to incorporate one into a home office of any size. The best part? Built-in physical activity without having to take a step away from your desk. Here are three of our favorite under the desk treadmills to help you hit your daily movement goals!


Under Desk Treadmill Slim Work Office Treadmill (SF-T7945)


Slim Work Office Treadmill


Small enough to fit under your desk, but powerful enough to keep you in shape: the Under Desk Treadmill is the perfect solution for people who want to get their steps in at work. The treadmill's compact size makes it easy to slide underneath any desk and out of sight, while its handy remote control means you don't have to interrupt your work routine when it's time to exercise. Offering speeds of up to 3.75 miles per hour (mph), there is no shortage of walking intensities to choose from. The shock absorption system makes it a low-impact workout that won't damage your joints and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.


Slim Folding Treadmill Trekpad (SF-T7971)


Slim Folding Treadmill Trekpad


The Trekpad brings the outside in by providing a treadmill with moveable trekking poles, allowing you to exercise your arms and legs simultaneously. Don’t want to use your arms? No problem! Simply fold the trekking poles down to convert your Trekpad into an under the desk treadmill that conveniently slides right under your desk. Control your speed on the trekking poles or with the remote control, with speeds ranging from 0.5-4.0 mph. With its space-saving design, you can fit this treadmill in an at-home office of any size!


Helius Lite Smart Brushless Motor Treadpad® Treadmill (T722051)

The T722051 is a treadmill that has it all! If you are looking for something to use under your desk during the day but also want to have the option to hop on for a run before or after work, the T722051 delivers on all counts. Featuring a brushless motor, you can expect a quiet and smooth experience, that promotes your natural running or walking stride. Easily transition from running to walking by simply folding down the handlebar and sliding the Treadpad® under your desk for a better work-from-home experience. Take advantage of the treadmill’s app connectivity and elevate your training to the next level with the SunnyFit® app. The app showcases professional fitness trainers who guide you through a variety of workouts that are customized to fit any individual’s needs. Built to fit into any space, the simplicity and ease of use of T722051’s foldable, space-saving design create an enjoyable moment any time you step on the belt.


How Do I Set Up My Under the Desk Treadmill?

Before you start taking your work meetings from the treadmill, there are a few things to consider. To ensure your comfort and avoid injury, make sure your setup is fit to your body type. Here are some tips to create the most comfortable experience possible:

  1. Adjust your desk height: Raise your desk height so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle when you are typing or using your mouse. Make sure your back is upright, so you don’t have to bend over to type or look at your screen.
  2. Adjust your screen height: Raise your monitor so that it is at eye level. Avoid having to frequently look up or down at your screen as this can cause pain in your neck (literally and figuratively).
  3. Set your treadmill at a safe speed: This will probably be a trial-and-error process but err on the side of caution, to begin with. For safety reasons, you want to choose a speed that is fairly comfortable that doesn’t take your full concentration to maintain. All of the above under the desk treadmills have safety clips, but it is best to avoid a fall regardless of the emergency stop function.
  4. Pace yourself: It’s natural to want to push your boundaries right out of the gates when you first get your under the desk treadmill, but it is important to pace yourself. Don’t walk for 8 hours straight on your first day (or any day) of owning your treadmill. Just as your body needs movement, it also needs time to rest and recover. If you do too much too soon you risk an injury or becoming mentally and physically burnt out. Start with 15-30 minutes once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and then build from there.

Instead of spending 8+ hours in a chair, stand up for yourself and your health. Implementing an under the desk treadmill can be an easy and effective way to help you hit your movement goals every day of the week. Not only will your health benefit, but it might improve your productivity as well!


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3 Under the Desk Treadmills Perfect for Your Work From Home Lifestyle Infographic

3 Under the Desk Treadmills Perfect for Your Work From Home Lifestyle Infographic


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