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This Home Core Workout for Beginners is a great quick routine for beginners to increase core strength and tone. A strong core is essential to prevent injuries and provide the strength necessary for exercisers of all levels and activities to maintain proper form. Whether you’re into running, cycling, rowing, weightlifting, or more this quick core workout will be a great addition to your fitness routine. This workout includes 5 exercises. The way this workout works is you’ll complete a 30-second exercise followed by a 15-second rest. Repeat this pattern of exercise to rest as you work your way through all 5 exercises in the circuit. Once you’ve completed the circuit, rest 90 seconds, and repeat the circuit again! This workout is best done as a finisher to a full workout when your core body temperature is warm, and your muscles are loose and pliable. If you’re completing this workout as a standalone we recommend completing at least 5 minutes of easy cardio to increase your core body temperature and prepare your muscles for the workout ahead.

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Sit Ups
- 30 seconds sit ups
- 15 seconds rest

- 30 seconds penguins
- 15 seconds rest

Flutter Kicks
- 30 seconds flutter kicks
- 15 seconds rest

Leg Lifts
- 30 seconds leg lifts
- 15 seconds rest

- 30 seconds bicycles
- 90 seconds rest



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