Spring Trim Up Workout Plan

It’s natural to gain a little weight in the winter.

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It’s natural to gain a little weight in the winter. When you’re all bundled up in cozy, warm layers, you may find yourself a little less concerned about what everything looks like underneath. But when spring rolls around and the sun is shining it’s the gentle nudge many of us need to get moving again. That’s where this Spring Trim Up Workout Plan comes into play. Follow along with this workout routine that includes 15 to 20-minute workouts to get you moving again and toned up before summer!


How To Use This Workout Plan

With this workout plan, I wanted to create something super simple yet effective. This is why I’ve taken these amazing 15-minute strength workouts from Sunny Trainer Sofee and paired them with very basic but effective 20-minute cardio workouts.

I’ve laid out this plan by each day of the week. You can use this plan for several weeks or months, how you use it is totally up to you. Just remember, as you get more fit, it’s important to continue challenging yourself during workout sessions.

You can achieve this in a number of ways from choosing more challenging workouts, increasing resistance, increasing your pace or speed, increasing time spent working out, to repeating a workout a few times through.

I encourage you to use this workout routine as a suggestion. At the end of the day, it’s up to you on any given day to listen to your body, cue into your stress levels, and decide what you need. As your guide, I’m here to tell you - even if you aren’t in the mood to exercise - some light form of movement is usually always a good idea, and these short sessions are just the right length to give you a boost.


Equipment Needed


Strength Workouts

Each of the strength workouts included in this plan are only 15 minutes long. They’re pyramid style workouts, which means you’ll complete all of the exercises in order, the middle exercise you’ll complete only once before reversing the order of the exercises until you get back to the first exercise. Each exercise will be repeated for one minute, with little to no rest between sets.

If you need to take a rest, take what you need and get through the workout as best you can. Each time you come back to your strength sessions, try to push yourself harder than the last time. For some, that may mean decreasing rest, and for others increasing intensity or weight.

If you’ve never completed a strength workout before, don’t worry! Sunny Trainer Sofee has built these workouts with beginners in mind and will provide all of the necessary modifications so you can keep moving if you’re unable to complete a specific exercise. She’ll also tell you exactly what to do and when you need to do it, so all you have to think about is bringing your best effort to your strength sessions.


Cardio Workouts

The cardio workouts in this plan are 20-minute HIIT sessions. While each session is short, you’ll focus on pushing your body as hard as you can with high intensity efforts to maximize your calorie burn. High intensity cardio workouts are an incredibly effective way to build your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and shed unwanted fat.

I’ve focused on keeping the programming of these sessions simple, so you can focus on your effort rather than the workout itself. These workouts are tried and true routines I’ve used in my routine, as well as training others for quick results.

When it comes to equipment, feel free to use any cardio equipment you have to achieve each cardio workout. Whether you have a treadmill, cycle bike, recumbent bike, elliptical, mini stepper, rowing machine all can be used to accomplish these workouts. If you don’t have any equipment, no worries, simply head outside and use your local neighborhood for a run.


Example Week

Once again, this schedule is a suggestion for how you can use these workouts throughout your week. By all means, adapt this schedule to your needs!



15 Minute Dumbbell Upper Body Pyramid

Basic HIIT

Warmup - 2:00

HIIT Intervals (Repeat 8 times)
- 0:30 All Out Effort
- 1:30 Low/Moderate Effort

Cooldown - 2:00


15 Minute Lower Body Pyramid

Tabata Challenger

Warmup - 2:00

Tabata Interval Set #1 (Repeat 8 times)
- 0:20 All Out Effort
- 0:10 Low/Moderate Effort

Recovery - 2:00

Tabata Interval Set #2 (Repeat 8 times)
- 0:20 All Out Effort
- 0:10 Low/Moderate Effort

Cooldown - 2:00


15 Minute Bodyweight Core Pyramid

Endurance Builder HIIT

Warmup - 3:00

HIIT Intervals (Repeat 8 times)
- 0:45 All Out Effort
- 2:00 Low/Moderate Effort

Cooldown - 2:30




What’s Next?

Ready to make your next move? Check out the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel for tons of workouts! If you’re interested in more workout plans check out our Two Week Summer Workout Bootcamp, 4 Week Strong & Toned for Summer Workout Program, or New Year New You Workout Plan.


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