3 New Year Workout Programs to Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

3 New Year Workout Programs to Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

So, you’ve decided to make some changes this year and looking for a New Year workout plan to make your New Year’s resolutions happen. In this article, you’ll find 3 different plans to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get moving, we’ve got something for you.

Below you’ll find everything you need to get started, including a breakdown of each workout program, an example workout schedule, and links to all the workouts you’ll need.

Be sure to check the notes on needed workout equipment so you’re prepared and ready to go at the start of each workout. If you don’t have the equipment listed, don’t worry, I’ve been sure to include alternative options for those of you stuck at home with limited options.

As with any good workout program, it’s important to emphasize a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Eating a whole foods diet, staying hydrated, and getting quality sleep will all factor into the results you see from a new routine.

1. Get Moving Workout Plan

Get Moving Breakdown

If just getting yourself moving in 2020 was a challenge for you, this plan is a great place to start. The ‘Get Moving’ plan is designed to help you add more movement into your day. I know how hard it can be to snap yourself out of a sedentary habit, and that’s why with this plan, I wanted to aim for something simple, that wouldn’t require a huge time investment or any equipment.

In this plan, you will find workouts 30 minutes and less that you can add into your day as you find the time. Some will require a little more energy, while others will just be a relaxing time to stretch, which we all need in our lives.

I encourage you to use this workout routine as a suggestion. At the end of the day, it’s up to you on any given day to listen to your body, cue into your stress levels, and decide what you need. As your guide, I’m here to tell you - even if you aren’t in the mood to exercise - some light form of movement is usually always a good idea, even when you’re stressed.

Get Moving Example Schedule

Below, you’ll find four weeks of workouts designed for you to get moving, increase your fitness, as well as your flexibility and mobility. Once again, this schedule is just a suggestion, the goal is to just get moving, so do what you can, and adjust it as needed.

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat (optional)

You may move around the schedule of days in the week to meet your needs; however, please keep in mind a minimum of 1 day of rest should be taken between all strength training sessions working the same muscle groups to give your body adequate recovery and rest.

2. Lose Weight Workout Plan

Lose Weight Breakdown

If you’re excited to lose weight, this plan would be a great place to get started towards that goal. When it comes to weight loss, three elements of fitness will play a large role in the success of your plan - cardiovascular exercise for burning calories and aerobic conditioning, strength training for toning and increase in lean muscle mass, and flexibility training for longevity.

In this plan, you’ll find workouts 30 minutes and less that you can add into your day as you find the time. This plan includes a variety of cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts to set you up for long term success.

Each cardio workout will vary in fitness equipment and length, but I’ve provided a variety of suggestions below for your use. If you don’t have a cardio machine at home, walking, jogging, or running outside is a simple way to get a great cardio workout with relatively minimal financial investment.

Each full body strength workout is designed to target as many muscle groups as possible, burning more calories as you work out, and maximizing your time. You’ll find most of the workouts are circuit, or HIIT style workouts designed with minimal rest to maximize your calorie burn while working out.

Finally, the stretching routines included are there for a reason. While I know these are tempting to skip, they really will make a huge difference in your recovery and the longevity of your overall fitness routine.

Don’t forget, when it comes to weight loss, a full-scale approach is best to see the results you’re looking for. A healthy diet, sleep, hydration, managing your stress levels, as well as consistency in your workout schedule will all play into your success.

Lose Weight Example Schedule

I suggest you use this example schedule, along with the wide variety of workouts provided below to build a consistent, regular routine to help you reach your weight loss goals. Remember, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process that occurs by implementing change into your lifestyle. It may take 6-8 weeks or more to start seeing tangible results.

For simplicity, I’ve broken down your example schedule into types of exercise rather than specific workouts. The workouts are included below and available for your selection depending on the equipment you have access to and your preferences.

Equipment Needed: Cardio Equipment, Dumbbells (optional), Yoga Mat (optional)









Example Week

Cardio & Stretch

Full Body Strength Training

Cardio & Stretch

Full Body Strength Training

Cardio & Stretch

Full Body Strength Training



Use the above schedule as a starting point and continue to adjust your schedule to make it work for you. If you are interested in performing all three types of workouts on the same day (cardio, strength, and stretching), I advise that you start with the resistance training workout, followed by cardio, and then stretching. Keep in mind that choosing to complete all three workouts on one day will require significantly more time and energy and may lead to increased soreness if your body is not used to the increased volume of training. A minimum of 1 day of rest should be taken between all strength training and HIIT cardio sessions. All other cardio sessions can be completed on back-to-back days. You may also select one cardio workout and perform it multiple times throughout the week if you find one more enjoyable over another.

Lose Weight Workouts

Below you’ll find a variety of workouts you can do for cardio, strength training, and stretching. Continue mixing up the workouts you use in your routine to continue building fitness and challenging your body to avoid a plateau.

Cardio Workouts

Check out the full playlist of workouts to choose from for each of the product categories below. If you don’t have one of the listed machines, work with what you have, or head outside for a walk, jog, or run. I recommend starting with beginner workouts and moving on from there when you feel ready.

Full Body Strength Training 

Below I’ve included a series of full body workouts - both with dumbbells and without - that you can use to burn calories and build lean muscle tone. Maximize your time with these workouts that include minimal rest, and full body movements!

No Dumbbells


Stretching & Mobility

Don’t forget to stretch. All of the hard work you’re putting in towards your weight loss efforts will have your body ready for some quality R&R. Give your body what it needs with these stretching and mobility routines designed to provide some relief for tight muscles.

3. Gain Muscle Workout Plan

Gain Muscle Breakdown

If your workout program didn’t include some form of strength training this past year, there’s a good chance you experienced a loss of muscle mass, a slower metabolism, and an increase in body fat (1). While strength training may not be the major focus of many of the workouts or classes out there, especially while stuck at home, it’s important to remember strength training plays an important role in your overall health, and it can even help to boost your body fat-burning potential.

Along with the benefits of a more lean and toned physique that many find so desirable, those who strength train regularly can expect to feel an improvement in workout performance, more coordination and stability, increased self-esteem, stronger bone density, and enhanced cardiovascular health.

So, if you’re ready to get started, this simple schedule is a realistic way to add strength training into your routine! Just follow along with the example schedule, workouts, and tips below to get started accruing all of the wonderful strength training benefits listed above!

Gain Muscle Schedule

For this plan, your goal is to complete a minimum of 2 strength training sessions per week. These sessions will be full body strength sessions, designed to target each major muscle group in your body.

When scheduling your sessions, keep in mind you should allow for at least 48 hours of recovery time before you perform your next strength training session. If you are still sore after 48 hours of recovery, it's okay to rest another day to ensure that your muscles have fully recovered from the previous workout.

While 2 days a week may not seem like much, it’s important to slowly build your volume and resistance to allow your body time to adapt and grow stronger. Once your strength and endurance improve, you may choose to add additional exercises or days per week to your workout program.

Gain Muscle Workouts

Below, I’ve included two workout examples. These examples show how you can target most of your major muscle groups in one session, without too many exercises. The workouts below show how you can use a variety of strength equipment to build a strength training workout from home, but machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or even household items can be subbed in for the exercises below, and to complete an endless array of other exercises. Use what you have at home and make it work!

Workout #1

Sumo Squats - 2 sets of 15 reps

Lunge with Curl- 2 sets of 15 reps

Pushups - 2 sets of 15 reps

Planks - 2 sets of 30 seconds

Workout #2

Deadlift with Row - 2 sets of 15 reps

Push Press - 2 sets of 15 reps

Renegade Row - 2 sets of 15 reps

Gym Ball Crunches - 2 sets of 15 reps

Use these example workouts to get started or choose a few exercises you feel comfortable performing and start adding them to your scheduled workout time. Try completing them before your other sessions like cardio, abs, or flexibility training to ensure that no matter what, you’ll get your strength training in!

Remember, this is just meant to be a starting place. As you get stronger, feel free to add more resistance, change your rep ranges and sets, or perform more challenging exercises to continue making progress.

Looking for more workouts? Be sure to check out our Strength Training Collection on the Sunny Health & Fitness YouTube Channel for follow along workouts, and ideas!

I hope these workout guides are helpful to you this year as you get started building a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to come back to this guide regularly for tips and tricks, or to pick a new plan to keep challenging and building your fitness routine in new ways throughout the year!


(1) “Resistance Training is Medicine: Effects of Strength Training on Health”. National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2012, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22777332/. Accessed 4 January 2021.

3 New Year Workout Programs Infographic
3 New Year Workout Programs Infographic

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