The Best 30 Day Fitness Challenges to Kick Off the Summer

Summers on its way – or if you’re with us in Southern California it’s already here! As the weather and time start to change and the sun creeps out, you’ll see more of your neighbors out and about being active, and you might have felt a gentle nudge to get moving too.

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The Best 30 Day Fitness Challenges to Kick Off the Summer

Summer's on its way – or if you’re with us in Southern California it’s already here! As the weather and time start to change and the sun creeps out, you’ll see more of your neighbors out and about being active, and you might have felt a gentle nudge to get moving too.

If you’re new to fitness, or just ready to jump back in after a break, a 30-day fitness challenge can help provide the structure, accountability, and motivation you need to get back on track.

Below, I’ve collected a handful of the best 30-day fitness challenges for you to choose from. Pick your favorite and follow along with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to crush your challenge along the way.


Benefits of Participating in a 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Why do a 30-day fitness challenge? The benefits are many! Below, you’ll find 3 of my top reasons why you should do a fitness challenge this year.


1Provide Structure

If you’re new to fitness, fitness challenges can help provide you with a full routine and workouts already laid out for you, so it takes all the thinking out of it. With a fitness challenge, you know exactly what to do and when to do it.


2. Keep You Accountable

Let’s be real, it’s hard to stay on it when it comes to a fitness routine. Why else do so many people drop off their New Year’s resolutions within the first month of the year? A fitness challenge keeps you engaged: there’s a clear goal and end date.


3Find Motivation

One of the hardest parts of any fitness journey is staying motivated. If you’ve found yourself feeling uninspired or a little lazy, a fitness challenge is all the motivation you need to keep moving! 


30-Day Cardio Challenges

Best 30-Day Cycling Challenge for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, or just looking to get back into a regular cycling routine this 30-day cycling challenge was designed just for you! Whether you’re a true beginner, just coming back to fitness after a break or someone more advanced who’s ready to take each class above and beyond - there’s a place for you here. Walk away from this cycling challenge confident and ready for any class!


30-Day Running Challenge for Beginners & New Runners

A running challenge is a huge accomplishment and a great stepping stone for future fitness goals and ventures. If this is your first ever running challenge, or even if it’s just been a while since you’ve laced up your sneaks, you’re in the right place! These tips will help you hit the ground running with confidence.


30-Day Strength Challenges

30-Day Ab Workout Challenge

Building a strong core will help improve your posture and help you gain stability and power in your everyday workout routine. This 30-day ab workout challenge is designed to help you sculpt and strengthen your core from every angle. All the moves included in this challenge are bodyweight, so all you’ll need is yourself, some motivation, and a yoga mat.


30-Day Strong Legs & Toned Butt Fitness Challenge

If you’re looking to increase your overall lower body fitness and strengthen and tone your legs and butt from every angle, this challenge has everything you need to get started. The exercises in this challenge work to enhance your glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner thighs, outer thighs, and even your calves. At the end of 30 days, you’ll look and feel amazing!



Other Fitness Challenges

21-Day Row-N-Ride® Challenge

While it’s not a 30 day challenge, our Row-N-Ride® lovers are sure to be fans of this 21-day Row-N-Ride squat challenge! If you’re ready to shake up your workout routine and achieve a serious lower body blast look no further than this challenge. Use this 21-day challenge to build strength and endurance in your lower body and master your Row-N-Ride squat.


Tips for Completing a 30-Day Fitness Challenge

If you’re ready to commit to a fitness challenge and build sustainable habits, here are a handful of my top tips to help you achieve the best results.


1Set an Intention

First up, be intentional. If you’re starting a 30-day challenge, you probably have a goal, even if that goal is simply to establish a habit of daily movement.

So, start by establishing your intention. If you’re quick to forget, writing it down is never a bad idea. Bring your intention to mind during the tougher days and moments of your challenge. Your intention will give you purpose and fuel your fire to keep moving.


2. Put it on Your Calendar

Set a date with yourself. By being intentional not only in your purpose but with your time, it’s just another layer of accountability to hold you to your commitment.

I recommend planning for the day the night before, that way you’ll have a good idea of what plans you already have, and what time you can set aside to workout. If you’re a ‘pen-to-paper’ kind of person, make a note in your planner; otherwise, make an event on your phone calendar so you have a built-in reminder with an alarm.


3. Keep a Journal or Checklist

There’s just something about marking something off our list that feels so satisfying. Whether it’s a grocery list, a daily to-do list, or your daily workout - checking it off your list will make it feel that much better when it’s completed.

You can add your workouts into your daily to-do list or make a list just for your 30-day challenge, listing out each workout and checking them off as you go. Having a view of your progress all in one place makes it that much harder to bail on your workout with each upcoming day.


4. Find Accountability

Whether it’s in your own social circle, a coworker, or even someone you befriend on the SunnyFit® app, having someone in on your goal can help keep you moving towards it.

Accountability adds just one more layer of connection to your goal, which - on those days where all you feel like doing is lounging on the couch and skipping your workout - can really come in handy!


 5. Be Mindful

Finally, cue into how your body and mind are responding to your new training plan. How do you feel? How does your fitness routine affect the rest of your day? Do you find you're drinking more water, sleeping better, or feeling more positive?

There are so many benefits from participating in a regular workout routine. Tune in and celebrate the positive changes as they come!


In Closing

Fitness challenges are an amazing way to find motivation and accountability, helping you to finally break through and accomplish your fitness goals. If you’ve struggled with sticking to your fitness goals in the past, a fitness challenge can help you stick to your guns.

Sunny family, this could be the year you fail to make moves towards your fitness goals once again (as expected); or it could be the year that you finally try something different and push for positive change in your fitness routine. I choose change, what do you choose?


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