The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Mini-Stepper Workout Plan

Check out the mini-stepper – your all-in-one workout machine that is portable, storable, and packs a major punch when it comes to exercise.

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The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Mini-Stepper Workout Plan

Sticking to a regular workout routine is tough. Between work, appointments, social time, kids’ sports practice, and anything else that fills up your calendar, it’s hard to fit one more commitment into your day. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and that’s totally normal.

The good news is you don’t have to spend hours at the gym to reap the health benefits you’re working towards. Showing up consistently for short, daily workouts can be highly effective, with recent studies demonstrating that just 10 minutes of exercise per day can contribute to a lower risk for all-cause mortality. (1) Not sure where to start with your daily 10-minute sweat sesh? Check out the mini-stepper – your all-in-one workout machine that is portable, storable, and packs a major punch when it comes to exercise.


Benefits of Using a Mini-Stepper as Part of Your Exercise Routine

Bodyweight exercise routines can be great, but sometimes it’s nice to include equipment in your workout for an added boost! Here are some reasons why you might consider the mini-stepper for your home gym:


It’s Multi-Functional

Instead of having to buy multiple types of equipment that cater to just strength training or just cardio, the mini-stepper takes care of it all. Go the distance and improve your endurance with longer, moderate-paced workouts, or use it for circuit-style training to build muscular strength. Choose your adventure and have fun! Check out these endurance and strength-focused mini-stepper workouts with Sunny Trainers Dom and Wendie:


It Can Fit in Any Sized Living Space

If your living space feels too small for a home gym set-up, this is the perfect piece of equipment for you. Our Total Body Pink Mini Stepper Machine (P2000) is 16.3 L x 13 W x 13.6 H in. When in use, there is plenty of extra space to still perform floor exercises in your living room. When not in use, it can be easily stored out of the way in a closet, under a desk, or off to the side of a room.


It’s Low Impact

Save your knees and reduce the impact of your exercise sessions. The mini-stepper focuses on activating and strengthening your glutes and quads but keeps the stress on your joints to a minimum. This can be a great tool to help strengthen the muscles that support your knees while also giving them a break


You Can Follow Along in the Sunnyfit® App

If you’re not really sure where to start with your mini-stepper there are endless options in the SunnyFit® app! With dozens of workouts to choose from, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Want a quick 10-minute burner? Try this mini-stepper bootcamp class with Sunny Trainer, Sydney

SunnyFit 10-Min Mini-Stepper Bootcamp Lvl 1



Have the time for something a little longer? Follow along with Sunny Trainer, Dom, for this 20-minute Beginner Mini-Stepper workout:

SunnyFit 20-Min Beginner EMOM Mini-Stepper



If You’re Looking For Cardio

The mini-stepper is great for getting a quick, simple cardio workout when you have a jam-packed schedule. These are a few ways you can make it work for you!


Netflix and Step

Just like with a treadmill or stationary bike, you can throw on the latest show you’ve been binge watching while you step. By the time you finish an episode, you’ll have knocked out your daily cardio goal! Easy peasy.


Follow Along With Sunny

Our team of trainers at Sunny takes the guesswork out of your daily exercise routine. With all the fitness information on the internet, it can make finding a simple workout feel overwhelming. Keep things straightforward, and check out the SunnyFit® app or our YouTube channel. Here you can follow along with Sunny Trainers who will guide you through cardio-based mini-stepper workouts that take you one step closer to your goals.


Keep Those Legs Moving

If all else fails, just keep stepping. Cardiovascular training refers to the conditioning of the heart, lungs, and vasculature; this means that keeping an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time is the goal. If you’re not quite sure what to do, hop on your stepper for 10 minutes or more and get that heart rate up. That’s a win in our book!


If You’re Looking For Strength

You can use the mini-stepper for strength training in a variety of ways. First, take a look at what kind of mini-stepper you have. Does it have resistance bands attached to it? Awesome, you’ve got a built-in strength workout right at your fingertips. If not, no worries! You can use dumbbell and bodyweight movements in addition to your mini-stepper to get those strength gains you’re working towards. Here’s how.


With Resistance Bands

Use your attached resistance bands while on the stepper to turn your workout into a full-body burn. From the stepper, you can use the bands to work your upper body through upright rows, bent over rows, bicep curls, triceps extensions, and more! Get creative and see how many variations you can come up with.


With Dumbbells

When pairing the mini-stepper with dumbbells, you have a few different options for your workout. Similar to using resistance bands, you can implement upper body exercises while you’re on the stepper, transforming it into a full-body workout.

If you want to try a circuit-style workout, you can use the mini-stepper as one station and the dumbbells as another station. Or, for an added challenge, try supersets! To test out adding dumbbells to your mini-stepper workout, follow along with Dom in this 25-minute foundations workout:

SunnyFit 25-Min Foundational Mini-Stepper & Dumbbells


With Bodyweight

If you don’t have any strength equipment at home, no problem. Bodyweight strength exercises are just as effective at building strength and muscle tone as using dumbbells. Use circuit-style training or supersets with bodyweight exercises to spice up your workout and build muscle. Try out this mini-stepper and glute strength workout with yours truly!

SunnyFit 15-Min Intermediate Lower Body Stepper Strength


The Next Step

The mini-stepper is an excellent fitness tool to add to your workout routine. If your goal is to build strength, endurance, or simply get moving, this tiny but mighty machine is for you! Give it a try and see how just 10 minutes of stepping can make all the difference for your health and well-being.


1. Saint-Maurice, P. F., Graubard, B. I., Troiano, R. P., Berrigan, D., Galuska, D. A., Fulton, J. E., & Matthews, C. E. (2022). Estimated number of deaths prevented through increased physical activity among us adults. JAMA Internal Medicine, 182(3), 349. Accessed 9 June 2023.


Mini-Stepper Workout Plan Infographic

Mini-Stepper Workout Plan Infographic


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