Dominique Waninger, Fitness Trainer

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Dominique Waninger, Fitness Trainer



Dominique was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She was a dancer most of her life and later moved to LA to pursue a professional dancing career. She joined a fitness challenge, won, and fell in love with the way fitness made her feel both mentally and physically. She felt passionate about transitioning from dance to fitness full time, and helping others feel the same way.

She began teaching dance fitness, and over the past 6+ years has mastered tons of modalities, from HIIT, Strength, Cardio Boxing, Cycling, Pilates, Barre and so much more! She is always looking to add on new modalities of teaching fitness because she believes movement should also be fun and the key to being consistent is finding a fitness style you enjoy.

In Dominique’s classes, you are guaranteed to feel safe (both in the movements and in whatever mental state you are in), to have a few laughs, to be highly motivated, to feel inspired to be your most authentic self, and to be challenged! Her goal is to encourage everyone on their fitness journey in the most positive and enjoyable way, creating a healthy mindset through the healing power of sweat!


20-MIN Indoor Beginner Ride

10-MIN Beginner Mini Stepper

10-MIN Full Body Stretch