Home Gym Essentials: The Best Home Gym Accessories

Home gym accessories can transform your home workout space into a more complete home gym.

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Why You Need Home Gym Accessories

Home gym accessories can transform your home workout space into a more complete home gym. If you don’t already have home gym equipment, accessories can be used to build a very effective training environment without a large investment. Home gym accessories also tend to take up less space and can be easily moved and stored when not in use. Plus, they can give you the opportunity to add versatility to your health and fitness program so you don’t get bored on the same piece of equipment week after week. To help you select the best home gym accessories for your goals, I have listed some of my favorite accessories that are essential for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Benefits of Home Gym Accessories

  • Lower Cost
  • Space Saving
  • Easy to store
  • Adds workout versatility
  • Can be as effective as larger equipment


The Best Home Gym Accessories

1) Anti-Burst Gym Ball

The anti-burst gym ball might be the most versatile home gym accessory you can add to your home workout space. While its more well known for its ability to help you perform a variety of core training exercises, like crunches and planks, you can also utilize this home gym accessory to perform stretches and resistance training movements. Simply lay on your back and use the ball as a unstable workout surface to perform upper body dumbbell exercises. While the ball doesn’t weight that much, it can also be used a tool to perform dynamic movements and stretches to help you integrate cardio and mobility exercises into your workout routines. When selecting a gym ball, make sure to check the sizing chart to find the right size ball to match your height.


2) Yoga Mat

While the name implies the use of this popular home gym accessory, yoga or exercise mats can be used beyond traditional yoga stretches and flows. They are great for protecting your hard floor surfaces from scuff marks or scratches while you perform resistance training exercises. They can also be used as a cushioned surface to perform core and bodyweight movements so you reduce pressure on your joints from your hard floor surface. You can also help prevent sweat accumulation on your home surfaces. They are simple to clean, lightweight, and roll up for easy storage and transportation.


3) Aerobic Step

Much like the larger aerobic step, this aerobic step is more compact and allows for an even more potable aerobic training solution. You can perform traditional step aerobics on its sturdy height adjustable platform, or use it for a variety of bodyweight and resistance training exercises.


4) Dumbbells

These classic accessories will give you virtually endless workout possibilities. When used correctly, you can perform traditional strength training and muscle building routines, while also performing cardio moves to increase your aerobic performance and calorie burning potential. A few pairs of dumbbells is all you need to create a home gym that can get you started towards achieving your health and fitness goals.


5) Ab Roller Exercise Wheel

Turns outs this Ab Wheel NO. 3 with handles might be one of the best ways to improve your overall core and upper body strength. While the movement looks simple, the ab rollout movement is not a beginner movement. Start by performing short rollouts and build to more extended rollouts to increase activation of your core, arms, shoulders, back, and chest.


6) Speed Cable Jump Rope

Arguably one the most well-known pieces of aerobic training equipment, the speed cable jump rope was designed for smooth rapid revolutions during every workout. With durable construction and light weight design, this jump rope will always be ready to go. This jump rope also comes with simple adjustment screws that make finding the perfect cable length for your height simple.


Outfitting your home gym with these essential home gym accessories will help give your workout routine a boost. You can always browse through our complete home gym accessories page here.


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