New Fitness Trainer Spotlight: Annelisa & Dominique

New fitness instructors have arrived, and they’re bringing a whole new energy to Sunny! Sunny fam, meet Dominique Waninger and Annelisa Moody.

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New Fitness Trainer Spotlight: Annelisa & Dominique

New fitness instructors have arrived, and they’re bringing a whole new energy to Sunny! Sunny fam, meet Dominique Waninger and Annelisa Moody.

As you can guess, both amazing fitness instructors are here because they have shown up in life in big ways. They’ve manifested pure grit and determination. They’ve put in long nights, and years of training with a passionate drive to succeed.

But what really sets Dominique and Annelisa apart from the crowd, is their vulnerability. They’ll be the first to admit they’ve dealt with the real life struggles you know like the back of your hand. Dreading a workout session? Feeling societal pressures to look a certain way?

These instructors have been there and found the other side. A space that’s healthy, safe, balanced, and open to anyone. They’re inviting you into that space with them.

With each session they’ll encourage you to trust yourself, believe in yourself, know your worth, and gently push past the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of.

Who knows how far you’ll go together?

Let’s introduce them.


Meet our New Sunny Instructors

As senior in-house fitness trainer here at Sunny, I get to work hands on with Dominique and Annelisa to put together each workout and experience the Sunny family gets to encounter on screen. I’m extremely proud of the big things they’re achieving on and off the camera, and I can’t wait for the Sunny community to get a piece of it.

Check out their videos below to get hyped. But don’t stop there, get to know them a little better by taking a class with them!


Dominique Waninger

Looking for a cheerleader and a reminder that you can today? Dominique is your coach! If you’ve taken a class with Dominique, you know her passionate and energetic spirit will lift you higher than you ever thought you could. Whether kicking butt in a strength class, grooving on the mini stepper, striding away on the elliptical machine, or speeding through a cycling class - you’ll find Dom leading the charge. So, what are you waiting for? Join the party!


Tell us more about yourself!

“I grew up as a dancer, thought I’d be a big famous pop star...a lot of life happened and then I fell in love with teaching fitness classes. I loved the way fitness made me feel mentally!

I became so obsessed with taking every style of class and I couldn’t just teach one style. Every class I took I wanted to master and I have a lot of modalities under my belt.

Something important to me is finding out someone else’s story and officially becoming their life coach. When we can relate to each other and learn each other's stories we become better!

I love being silly! I’m an extreme extrovert that loves to crack jokes and laugh! If I’m not doing something active, I’m probably watching a thriller, dancing around, napping, or crocheting a top.”


What motivates you in your fitness journey?

“The key to staying motivated is remembering my ‘why’. Why I started this journey, why I continue to show up for myself, why I continue to master my craft and different modalities, and why getting knocked down is okay but getting knocked out is not an option.

When you have your reason, your why, and you focus on that you can do anything.

I am extremely open about the struggles I’ve had with mental health - my anxiety nearly paralyzed me - so a big part of my WHY is to remind myself that I’m worthy, that I’m grateful for my healthy body, and that fitness is truly more mental than physical work.”


How would you describe your training approach?

“I am a hype woman but will also challenge you to get uncomfortable because when we get uncomfortable, we become vulnerable. And when we become vulnerable, we find change!

My dream as a coach has always been to create a safe space for anyone and everyone that comes to my classes. Whether virtually or in person, I will always encourage you to show up as your most authentic self, to meet me exactly where you are at.

All my classes are a judgment free zone and I strive to help you become stronger mentally, emotionally, and ultimately physically! Let’s get better together, Sunny Fam!”


Annelisa Moody

Annelisa is the latest and greatest of the Sunny instructor team, and excited to bring you workouts in the cycling and treadmill categories. Annelisa’s unique experience and passion as a DJ fuels the beat of her workouts. But don’t let the feel-good groove of her playlists throw you off, her workouts are just as challenging as they are fun. If you’re ready to rise today, join Annelisa on the bike or tread.


Tell us more about yourself!

“When I was in college, I had this amazing mentor that told me to “focus on doing what you love”. Needless to say, I took that to the extreme.

Aside from being a fitness instructor, I work full-time at a tech startup and I’m also a DJ. I’m a busy bee that’s always on the go, and I genuinely love it.

Even though it may seem that I’m working 24/7, I absolutely love my free time! On my off-days, you can find me roller skating in Venice Beach or hiking with my dog.”


What motivates you in your fitness journey?

“My fitness journey is non-linear, and I know a lot of people can relate to that.

In the past, I would view working out as a (sometimes daunting) task on my to-do list and was solely motivated by the ‘need’ to change something about myself.

That approach wasn’t sustainable, nor did it make exercise any fun.

Over the past year amidst the pandemic and finally getting back into my routine after a hiatus, I’ve finally shifted my mindset when it comes to working out.

I now view fitness primarily as an act of gratitude and self-love. I'm more motivated to work out simply because it’s a healthy way of giving back to myself, and it makes me feel great!

As a coach, I hope to help my clients shift their perspectives on fitness in this same way. Working out is great for your body (of course), but it’s essential for your mental health first.”


How would you describe your training approach?

“My training approach is this: I show up for myself, so I can show up for others…in doing this, I put forth my best energy and hope to ignite a spark for others to do the same.

My classes are highly energetic, challenging, and motivating. I always encourage my class to do something different and level up!”


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