Take Care of Your Heart

The most important love in your life should always be your heart.

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Take Care of Your Heart

The most important love in your life should always be your heart. Taking care of your heart health is crucial for a longer and happier life. A few ways you can do that include exercise, eating healthy and learning to cope with stress.



It seems like everyone tells you to exercise, but is it really that important? YES! But where should you start? If you are completely out of shape, try walking. You can go at your own pace and start building strength in your heart. If price is an issue, manual treadmills can run under $130 dollars. This is an excellent alternative to walking outside. Click here to learn more about Sunny Health and Fitness Manual Treadmills.


Eating Healthy

Hold your cheeseburgers; you don’t need to start limiting your diet just yet. However, living a majority of your life off of processed foods and grease is definitely not good. Incorporate more color in your diet! Yellows, greens, reds, are some great indicators of healthy options. If you are going to have a pizza, pair it with some water and a salad. Make your own pizza with pita bread, marinara sauce, and top with some low fat cheese and sautéed veggies.


Living Stress Free

Learning to cope with the stressors of life can be incredibly difficult. Stress can increase the risks of digestive, heart, and general problems with your body. Learning to breathe, meditate and communicate to those around you can help relieve some of these stressors. Click here for some stress-relieving aerobic ball stretches.





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