2022 Home Strength Training Equipment Purchasing Guide

Have you ever thought about investing in home strength training equipment and turning your home into your home gym? .

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2022 Home Strength Training Equipment Purchasing Guide

Have you ever thought about investing in home strength training equipment and turning your home into your home gym? Since the eruption of the pandemic (COVID-19), there has been a significant spike in the number of people that started working out from their homes.

As you can imagine, this had a substantial positive influence on the strength training equipment market. For instance, the data issued by the Business Wire in May 2020 declared that fitness equipment sales witnessed a whopping growth of 170%, which was motivated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 (1). 

If you find yourself interested like so many others in adding strength training to your routine, I’m sharing my favorite strength training equipment that is a must-have in any home gym. 


How to Choose the Best Strength Training Equipment

There are a few different variables that one should consider when trying to decide what strength training equipment is essential for your home gym.  


Specific to your Fitness Goals 

A significant factor to consider in deciding on the equipment you think you'll need to help you reach your fitness goal. 


Aligns with Your Budget 

Another variable that one should consider (which might be the most important for many) is figuring out your budget and how much you're willing to invest in your home strength equipment. 


Fits Your Space 

The last important variable that one should consider before investing in home strength training equipment is ensuring that you have ample and designated space to store appropriately. 


Best Home Strength Training Equipment

1. Dumbbells 

With dumbbells the options are limitless. Dumbbells allow you to perform exercises with various amplitude and ranges of motion you use every day in daily life. By using dumbbells in your strength training routine, you’ll be able to increase muscle tone and strength.

The one downside with these free weights like dumbbells is you may need multiple dumbbells or barbells to change the load of your exercises. So, I would encourage you to get one heavy pair of dumbbells and one lighter pair or consider an adjustable pair. 


NO. 021 / Neoprene Dumbbell Pair 2-10LB


NO. 014 / 33LB Chrome Adjustable Dumbbell Set 


2. Resistance Bands 

One of my favorite pieces of home strength equipment is resistance bands. They’re inexpensive and easy to store. Bands allow you to move in multiple planes of motion, set at different angles, and come in different shapes and thicknesses, which allow for varying levels of resistance and a vast range of exercises that can be combined seamlessly (2).

One of the most significant advantages of elastic resistance over free weights like dumbbells or barbells is their low cost and portability. In addition, resistance bands are lightweight and easy to use in different spaces.


NO. 088 / Strength Training Band Combo 


3. Kettlebells 

My other favorite home strength exercise equipment is the kettlebell. The most significant difference between a dumbbell, barbell, and medicine ball is that the center of the mass is away from the handle, which requires more strength, coordination, inward focus, and conscious attention when performing the exercises (2). Therefore, learning proper form should be understood to avoid injury. If a kettlebell is on your list of purchases, I will encourage you to consider buying both a lighter and heavier option.


066 Vinyl Coated Kettlebells 5-25LB


4. Power Racks 

With the Sunny Health & Fitness Essential Power Cage Squat Rack, you can turn any home garage into your own personal gym. Pair it with a Sunny bench, barbell, and many other additional power cage accessories such as resistance bands and landmine, and you have the capability of an endless number of customized workouts. This essential tool and equipment are vital to the foundations of all exercises and fitness regimens.


SF-XF9931 / Power Zone Squat Stand 


SF-XF9925 / Power Zone Power Cage  


5. Barbells 

This barbell bar is multipurpose and is used as a weightlifting, powerlifting bar, or Olympic weightlifting bar. The OBC-86 Olympic Bar has a 28mm diameter shaft & diamond knurled grip that will give you the confidence to lift heavy. Sleeves on this barbell accommodate standard Olympic weight plates with 2-inch center holes. Ample and appropriate space is needed to properly store, to keep in best conditions. Another must-have bar for your strength collection is a hex bar, the OB-TRAP Hex Bar by Sunny makes it easy to complete deadlifts, rows and more and the swiveling grips opens up the exercises you’re able to do with this bar.


OBC-86 /  Olympic Barbell Weight Bar


OB-TRAP / Olympic Barbell Hex Bar



6. Benches 

Benches are a corner stone for your strength training exercises and workouts. Both Sunny Benches can hold a max weight of 800 LB & up and can be used for a variety of exercises. Combine with the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Power Cage or Squat Rack for a complete strength training home exercise gym.


SF-BH6996  / Power Zone Strength Flat Bench


SF-BH6920 / Power Zone Adjustable Bench

7. Cable Machines 

Cable machines offer a variety of fitness performance benefits because they allow freedom of movement like free weights; they can provide resistance for all body parts and are effective for developing balance and improving functional capacity (2). Cable machines allow standing and seated position exercises. The downside is that many of these machines are bulky and heavy, making them unsuitable for home exercise equipment.


SF-XF9927 / Lat Pulldown Pulley System Attachment for Power Racks 


SF-XFA006 / Lat Pull Down Attachment

8. Landmines 

The number of exercise possibilities with the Sunny Health & Fitness Barbell Landmine attachment is nearly limitless. When a barbell is attached to this 360-degree swivel landmine post, it allows you to get an effective range of motion that lets you target nearly every muscle in the body. A power rack is needed to use this attachment.


SF-XFA004 / Landmine Attachment


Smart Home Strength Training 

Looking for a little direction in your workout program? We get it! Beginning a strength training journey, especially as a beginner can be daunting. With tools like the¬†SunnyFit¬ģ app, get the input and coaching you need to work out safely and effectively.¬†

The SunnyFit¬ģ app has hundreds of workouts, with a vast library of strength workouts you can do with dumbbells, bodyweight, resistance bands, and more! When using the SunnyFit¬ģ app, receive information on your training output, and follow along with pre-recorded workouts, workout plans, or customize a program specifically towards your fitness goals.¬†

While many smart strength devices cost an arm and a leg up front with a monthly subscription fee, Sunny strength equipment provides a logical and cost-effective route to getting an unlimited workout experience from the comfort of your own home! Our equipment always provides quality at a price that won‚Äôt break your budget, and better yet the SunnyFit¬ģ app is free!¬†


Final Thoughts 

When considering the numbers, it is a no-brainer that the most logical and cost-effective route is to go with the Sunny Health & Fitness strength equipment. You get a lot more bang for your buck, and when paired with the SunnyFit¬ģ app you get all the benefits of a smart home set up without the monthly membership fee or hidden costs. Sunny is ‚ÄėFit for Everyone¬ģ‚Äô.¬†

1.) The global home fitness equipment market size was USD 10.18 billion in 2020. The Global Impact of COVID-19 has Been Unprecedented and Staggering, with the Product Witnessing a Positive Demand Shock Across All Regions Amid the Pandemic, Journal, 2021.  https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/home-fitness-equipment-market-105118, Accessed 18 April 2022

2.) At-Home Fitness System for Healthy Ageing, Journal or Book, 2021. Accessed 18 April 2022


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